My Lady Jane: Edward is a young king, dying from a strange illness that came out of the blue. Jane is a Lady (hence Lady Jane), who has a bad reputation with getting betrothed and loves books more than life. Gifford, or G as he wants people to call him, is a young man who’s cursed with the ability to turn into a horse once the sun rises.

Edward’s sickness gets increasingly worse each day, and since he doesn’t see his sister Mary, a Verity (they hate those who turn into animals, for those who don’t know), or his sister Bess, who is more easy going, as a potential candidate to the throne, he has no choice but to appoint the next heir from Lady Jane. However, Lady Jane is missing a factor to have said heir, a husband. Seeing this, Edward arranges Gifford Dudley to marry Lady Jane to produce an heir to rule the kingdom.

Don’t worry, it gets better. In a dizzied state, and with much force from his adviser, Edward instead choses Jane to be the sole heir to the throne. So when after Edward no longer has power to the crown, Jane unexpectedly finds herself the queen of England.

Review: “Frying pans. Who knew?” -G, (also) Flynn Rider.
It was a hilarious book, and it was a really great comedy indeed. I haven’t read many YA comedies on history, and I bought this book in hopes that there would be some smiles, that single laugh (you know, when you see something funny you go “he”), and lots of breaking character. It did have all these things, (well, maybe not breaking character, but the characters did pause to tell a good joke) and I lapped it all up.

I loved the split POVs, mostly Jane’s and Gifford’s. Edward is another story, I’ll get to him in a bit. Jane was full of fire, she would confront people, mostly G, about what she’s thinking and had a lot of power in her words. Same would go for G, who is a rather good poet. 🙂 He was cowardly at some points, but I liked his comedic bouts and kindness towards Jane. He and Jane really fit together, even from the beginning. They didn’t like being pushed around, and that was one common trait in a lake of many.

Edward was a good character for comedy relief. Even though he had lots of character flaws (and there were many), I still understood from a comedic standpoint, that all his traits were to add to the effect of him being clown-ish. I also understand that in that certain time period, he would have a certain way of thinking—but this still annoyed me a tad for I’ve read several other books where those certain things were ignored. Still, there were a few things that made up for it.

Like the narrators speaking to the reader. I don’t know how other people felt about the authors pausing the story to give you a brief clarification, but I found it helpful during a few times. Also it was just really fun knowing that the authors would take time to talk to the reader directly. It makes you seem noticed. 😊

The world building could have a bit more improvements, but overall I left everything to my imagination and still found my self enjoying the book. The writing style was “fresh”, as in it had a bit of old English in there, but was still modernized to keep up with how we speak today. (I’m trying to explain this well, this is as best as I can.)

The story was based on history, but as the narrators stated, it strayed from the textbooks. So really, you don’t really know how it will end or who will live/die. However, it’s still history, so some things I still predicted.

I also thought that, towards the end at least, the story resembled Tangled. It’s weird for me to think that, but it did. If you noticed my quote, it’s taken out of My Lady Jane, and it perfectly matches what Flynn Rider said in the Disney movie, Tangled. Also there’s a few things I caught that could be loosely related to Tangled. I won’t tell you what they are exactly, because I can’t be for certain it’s a spoiler for the book, so I won’t tell you now. Just know that there are a few references and tropes that link to the movie.

Overall, this book might not be for anyone, but maybe give it a try sometime if you like comedy.

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️

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