This is it! The announcement I was procrastinating for! I’m a little late, but it’s fine. *Waves dismissive hand*

I asked all of you what I should do for my post, and RiverMoose has given me a great idea! I have what my 500 followers post will contain below.

However, I need your participation on one of the parts in order to make it work!

The Reverse Q & A

How this will work: I’ll put 8 questions (down below) for you all to answer in the comments! I want at least 1-3 bloggers answering each of the questions. (Different blogs answer different questions, but you can answer multiple questions, or all if you want! It makes my job easier!) Whatever questions I still need answers from, I’ll go visit blogs and (not awkwardly) ask you to answer them. 🙂

Questions for You

  1. When did you first start blogging? (Blog anniversary date)
  2. Did your views on what you wanted to post ever change?
  3. What authors inspire you to keep reading?
  4. How do you handle book slumps?
  5. What are some of your favorite book quotes?
  6. What’s your biggest blog milestone?
  7. What kinds of posts do you like to make the most?
  8. Random: Who’s your favorite fictional OTP?

The List

I’ll put down a list of blog posts that inspired, helped me, or were just fun to read since I started blogging, and then I’ll do the same for books! 🙂 This list doesn’t require any help from the audience, other me than looking back at the posts you’ve made on your blogs.

Thank you for reading! That’s all for now, this post was fairly quick. I’ll get to working on my actual post soon!

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