Volume Count: 6 Volumes

Karakuri Odette: Odette is an android created by the genius Professor Yoshizawa. Her appearance is close to a human’s, but she wants to understand what it is like to truly become human. So she decides to go to high school and study humans up close.

She may try to live normally, but her life is still anything but ordinary. With strange feelings, robot cats, evil scientists, killer robots, and viruses, Odette still has a long way from being the average person. She needs a step in the right direction, luckily she has people in her life who can show her the way.


First, I’d like to say that this manga in particular was different from the shoujo manga books that I’ve read. All of those books were heavily bent on finding love and romance that I grew bored of all of them. With Karakuri Odette, it was just the opposite. Yes, there are a few incidents—one includes a wedding (not a spoiler per se, you can tell from the cover of volume 6)—but the plot does not really revolve around romance very much. The whole series was sort of like a slice of life about Odette, but it had different factors such as villains, comedic moments, gangs, and growing accustomed to human life. I really thought it was cool that there were so many different things implicated in the series, and it was entertaining to read them all.

Odette isn’t some bubbly school girl—though she likes cute things, but who doesn’t—she just had to adjust to being sheltered at home, to being in a world full of people. She was very funny to read about, she’s ask lots of questions she didn’t know the meaning to, but you’d understand that she isn’t very experienced yet which is why it was so entertaining. (It can’t just be me right? I’m not the only one that finds her funny?) Not only that, but Odette at first would ask the Professor to change her model so that she could fit in better. At this, I started to see her desire to make friends and be more human, and it was a happy thought. Also she’s got super-strength, like a hero—which she is in a lot of cases. Even though she may be inexperienced on the terms of life, she still managed to help her friends break out of their shells and be less scared and shy. Youko and Shirayuki were both effected by Odette, and managed to change a lot too.

I really enjoyed the art, it still seemed cartoonish, but at the same time realistic. I really enjoy reading manga books with realistic art styles, so I liked flipping through the pages to look at all of the photos.

Going back to characters, I loved almost every character in the series, with the exceptions of the antagonists. A few of my favorite extra characters were Professor Yoshizawa, who is like a concerned father for Odette, Asao, the delinquent trope of the series, Chris, an android trying too hard to please Odette (it’s adorable, trust me), and those I’ve mentioned before, Shirayuki and Youko (or just Yoko).

Overall, this is definitely a series to pick up, it’s completed so that you can binge read it. 😄

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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