Anime First Impressions: Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon #anime:
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I’m back with another anime first impressions! Sorry I haven’t probably written as many as I should, I haven’t been watching anything new, really. But I’m trying to remedy that by starting a new anime, even though I have plenty more I need to finish first. I digress. Hope you enjoy this post!

Silver Spoon

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Credit: CrunchyRoll

Thoughts BEFORE Watching the 1st Episode: I saw this anime while scrolling through Netflix (yes, I have Netflix now). It looked good on first glance, but decided to put it off on a later date. I didn’t decide to watch it until recently, and had some mixed feelings about watching it. I wanted to watch a good comedy, but I didn’t want to start a slice of life anime. I like SoL now and then, but I move on to more plot based anime shows if I watch too many. I chose to watch it anyway, because I was frankly curious, and had nothing to do at the time besides getting back to watch new anime. I also started to watch this without really knowing what it was about, so I suppose I wanted to surprise myself.

Thoughts AFTER Watching Episode 1: I certainly was a bit surprised. I knew this was a farming anime, but I just didn’t know what it was really about. It’s pretty good actually, and it had some funny moments.

The movements of characters aren’t very fluid, but I did enjoy how the screen paneled during the wooded area scene, it was a nice touch. The characters are also pretty likable themselves; a lot of them have very big goals with running farms or involving themselves with animal care, and as an animal lover, I found that enjoyable. Hachiken doesn’t quite know what he’s doing at the school, but it’s fun to watch him tackle all the obstacles and learn new things. (Did he really not know where eggs came from? Yes, yes he didn’t; I don’t blame him though, he never was in a situation where he needed to know these things.) He’s trying his best, and that amounts to something.

Like in a lot of anime or animation in general, there are things that defy some logic. Such as the perimeter of the school; Hachiken is right, they probably don’t need to have two baseball fields. Also noted a human can’t be capable of being blown away by a strong gust of wind and continue to fly there; its believable if it was a tornado of some sort, but it wasn’t the case here. Other than that, I think I learned a bit of logic, like the daily process of taking care of the animals and such, which I didn’t know before. So there is some logic to counteract the illogical, but again, I also understand that this is a common trait in any animation in general. (Just ask Scooby Doo, or Spongebob, who can host a campfire under the sea.)

Also all the animals are adorable! I like how they’re drawn, their eyes make them cute.

Overall, it was a good first episode to watch. First episodes only reveal introductions, but I still had a nice grasp on what the rest of the series will be like.

Thoughts AFTER Season 1: Note that on Netflix it says the series only has one season, but the first season ends at episode eleven. Just for those who didn’t know. 😊 There are actually 2 seasons out now. Also note that some scenes are sensitive to some viewers (meat processing, animal birth, road kill); I know some viewers liked to be told beforehand what’s in a show that might trigger any negative reactions, so I’m letting you know.

I really did not expect to be addicted to this show. I really liked it a lot! It has a lot of heart in it, which I know most Slice of Life animes have. There was no particular plot, just the day to day life of Hachiken, but the episodes were nicely strung together to develop lots of growth in the characters.

Hachiken changed the most throughout the show, his devolpment as a character surrounded itself most with his plans on the future. Not just him deciding what to do after school, but with coming to terms with how he’ll eventually handle the life of sending animals out to become meat. It’s kind of morbid in retrospect, but it’s a realistic idea all the same. Other people in turn learn from his example and change the way how they look at the animals in the farm. (With the exception of Tamako, she’s forever the same.)

I didn’t get drawn to the anime because of the art, mainly the promise of comedy, but I did appreciate how the art looked. Most of the characters are drawn realistically, and some portray regular cartoonish designs. Hachiken, for example, was more realistically drawn, while others, like Tokiwa, had features, like his eyes or the shape of his face, to be a typical anime artstyle (at least what I consider to be normal).

I really did enjoy watching Silver Spoon, and if it seems like an anime you’d watch, go try it out!

Thank you so much for reading! I’d appreciate it if you like this post, and I return I’ll make a lot more Anime First Impressions soon!

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