Yay! More blog updates, because we all love those! Am I right?

I’m just here to brush up on some topics, and announce my small semi-hiatus, and discuss what I’ll do with my 500 follower special.

First, Finals!

It’s that time of year for me again! Finals have rounded the corner and that means I’m going to cram all the information this weekend! (I’ve been studying hardcore all week, but I’ll be very busy in the weekend before the tests take place.)

It doesn’t mean I don’t have posts up though! I actually made a bit of time this previous week writing up some posts for y’all to look at! However, I just might not be around too much to answer comments, so please forgive me if I don’t answer them right away!

But other than that, nothing is changing all that much on my blog. πŸ˜€

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Ah, I can feel your joy, Ron.


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I actually will be away for a tripΒ the day after class gets out so I won’t be here! I’ll be gone for 5 days (such a long time) and won’t have access to my laptop (which is how I use my blog). I’m leaving June 4th, but will actually be gone from the Β night of 3rd to the 8th.

However, I will still have some posts up as well!! I just won’t be responding to comments or be Tweeting anything. I’ll be inactive for the most part, but please still look at the posts I’ll have up!

This is my first Hiatus on my blog, so it’ll be odd being away from all of you! (I hope I’ll be missed. πŸ˜…) I’ll be back before you know it! (If you want me back that is….)


I honestly stopped looking at my follower count. It used to be a constant thing for me, but I ultimately forgot to check every now and then.

However the last time I peeked, I had a bit over 500! πŸŽ‰

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I blog just to blog, and don’t really know what I’m doing half the time, but after being able to make so many friends on here, I figured I was doing something right. (I am, right? I can never be sure.)

I want to do something special, like host a giveaway or something, but then I realized I can’t because I don’t own any ARCs, and all the books I have, I bought at full price (because I have no sense of mind in Barns & Noble). Also I’m broke, so I can’t order any books for anyone. But I hope the thought counts.

I need ideas for a good 500 Follower post!Β I’ve done a Q & A in the past, but I want to do something different, and I’m not really sure what you all want to see. So comment below a post you think I should make, and I’ll mull it over.

Thank you for listening to what I have to say! I’ll see y’all later, happy reading!

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