Series Review: House of the Sun


Volume Count: 13 Volumes

House of the Sun: Mao has always had family problems for as long as she can remember. Her parents were seldomly home, and when they were, they were always fighting with each other. One day when Mao couldn’t take it anymore, she runs to the nearest shrine and hides there. That shrine used to be a good hiding spot whenever she was younger, but somehow her neighbor Hiro  would always to find her and bring her to his home. The Nakamura household has been the place Mao always finds herself running to. It was a place of warmth and comfort, and with parents who loved their children very much.

Now Mao finds herself running again. Her father has remarried after his divorce with Mao’s mother, and he constantly pushes Mao away. Even to the point where she’s forced to move out. Even though the Nakamura parents have long since passed away, Hiro keeps the house where Mao used to come to as her safe-haven. After being allowed to stay with him, Mao decides she wants to stop running, and she tries to rebuild the ties of her family, as well as the ties of Hiro and his family.

Because it isn’t very difficult to find the sun. It’s always there, even if you can’t see it. It will continue to shine brightly for as long as it can.

Review: T-T Lots of tears. Way too many.

I love this series so much! Anything to do with the topic of “family” and “home” always makes me emotional to the point of tears. I’M SUCH A SAPPY PERSON!!

But enough of self-wallowing.

This series in particular captured my eye a few times on Goodreads. I never really picked it up because I thought it would bore me. BUT I WAS WRONG! I instantly got addicted to it, I ended up finishing this series under a week. It was so worth it though, I’m so happy now after finishing this!

Like I said, this series covers the topic of “family” a lot. Most shoujo manga series I’ve read focus a lot of romantic ideals. However it was not the case with this series. Yes, it may start out as a series trying to show the love interest aspect, it really all came down to the concept of family at the end. I like this theme a lot, it’s one that I never seem to get tired of no matter how many times I read it. I especially adore complex father-daughter relationships for some reason. Just know that there are tons of those kinds of complex family tropes in here. But they were all heartwarming towards the very end, which I highly enjoyed.

The characters grow a lot in this series. At first, they came off as maybe a bit cold or rude (especially when first introduced to Mao’s character) but you learn that it’s all an act to hide what they’re really feeling. (Not quite a tsundere, but getting there—Daiki is the tsundere of this series, let’s be honest.) Mao turned out to be a complicated character, but she can sort out all her troubles with a little advice and some courage. I was really happy for her at the end. Like I was with a lot of other characters—for example Radical.

I enjoyed the side chapters a lot too! Sometimes you’ll take a break from Mao’s POV and get to know what Hiro is thinking. There’s even special chapters about all of Mao’s friends, and even her father. You get to understand each character and all of their problems that they try to overcome. It’s just really nice to read all of them, they’re all redeeming in their own way.

The art was really adorable! The eyes especially, I saw that the pupils aren’t colored all the way. They’re little swirls in them, and I thought that was a neat touch. I didn’t remember seeing very many chibi panels, but I like the detailed art all the same.

Overall, this was a really great series if you like something to snuggle up and read. I hope y’all enjoy it!

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️❄️

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