Dream Reading Place!



This post is what the title says it is: A Dream Reading space! It’s going to contain everything that I’d love to have in the perfect reading corner!

This idea came to me from Arhaus, who inspired me to share my ideas on a perfect reading area. I am very honored and thrilled to participate, and hope that everyone agrees with everything in this post. Please enjoy!


Athens Modular Library With 2 End Angled Bookcases In Tuxedo Black
Credit: Arhaus

This one in particular reminded me of Belle’s library from Beauty & the Beast. With the ladder and everything! 😄 I’d fill these selves to the brim with all of my books, and could have some of my Pop Figures on one of the end sides. For the bottom drawers I’d fill it with some pillows and blankets, so I could just grab a book and a pillow and be off.

space savers  I so, so, so need these! Although I'm not sure I would like not seeing them all!:
Credit: Pinterest

I am in love with this idea of a bookshelf that’s also a drawer! I could just easily pull out what I want to read, like I’m browsing through a book store!! Of course I don’t have as many books as this picture, but it’s still a fun idea to play around with.


Fed onto Reading NooksAlbum in Home Decor Category:
Credit: Pinterest

Now this is a nice chair to curl up in with a good book! I could easily fit inside of here, haha.

Tansy 28" Upholstered Chair in Tibetan Ivory Sheepskin
Credit: Arhaus

I have a weakness for fuzzy things, and this chair caught my eye! It’d be so fun to read on this chair, I bet it’s super comfy.

Read More"Cute for a teen bedroom - I'd have that as my bedroom layout REGARDLESS of being a teen or not (which I am not one) :P", "Cute for a teen bedroom:
Credit: Pinterest

I’ve always wanted to have something like this! The fabric looks incredibly soft, and I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to sit in an egg chair like this.

Remington Deep 42" Upholstered Swivel Chair With Springs
Credit: Arhaus

I always read in a reclining chair or a couch, because you can lie down to read, and maybe, fall asleep. (I’ve fallen asleep while reading too many times.) I naturally like the color white, and this chair spoke to me.

Cool Furniture For Pets. My cats would SO love that. I guess their coming with me to my dream house:
Credit: Pinterest

I just had to add the cat chair on here! I love reading when my cats are around, and this chair would certainly make them stay in one place, haha.


Google Image Result for http://jp8.r0tt.com/l_c23fc4c0-fa67-11e1-9c40-6f6978d00008.jpg:
Credit: Pinterest

I really like this color of blue, and it looks like it would look really well with the one of the white chairs above.

drum night stand...cute since babe played the drums:
Credit: Pinterest

A drum nightstand! Being the music nerd I am, this would look very cool with the egg chair. I could put some books on it, or just play it (if I can).

Merle Round End Table In Black
Credit: Arhaus

Ooh, this stand would go great with the Beauty & the Beast-like bookshelf! I just know it!


Credit: Arhaus

I love this style of a couch! It looks cozy to read in, and I also like the color.

Comfortable but still extremely good looking. It makes me  want an apartment with more than one room so I can have more than one couch.:
Credit: Pinterest

I love rounded couches! It looks very comfortable to take a snooze in, haha. Also I like big couches, but there’s something about the little ones that I adore.


Dashing Damask Wallpaper in Grey
Credit: Arhaus

I really like this wallpaper! In a way it looks very vintage, and it has a nice feel to it, especially if I’m reading historical YA.

Luxe Black Tipped Throw With Grey Velvet Back
Credit: Arhaus

This is my dream blanket right here! Fuzzy things are the best, and I’d love to curl up to a good book with a nice throw.

Tufted ottoman:
Credit: Pinterest

Who wouldn’t like any nice ottomans? Especially one like this! It looks large, so I think I could just sit on one for hours. (I like sitting on ottomans a lot.)

You had me at "no-sew". Right? I gathered 50 great no-sew project ideas to make and I love all of them! 1) No Sew Throw Pillow2) No Sew Simple and Sweet Pocket T-Shirt 3) More No Sew Pillows 4) Bold Stripe DIY Drapes5) DIY Fabric Garland-…:
Credit: Pinterest

And~ this looks like a nice little spot to rest my feet, or maybe stack books on it.

Myknes 8' Round Shag Rug
Credit: Arhaus

Shag rugs are the best! It’s like walking on a cloud, and feels as good as fuzzy socks!

Soft, plush and luxurious, Safavieh's Paris Shag Rug evokes the classic understated elegance and neutral color palette of French Moderne style. The drama of these rugs is in their lush opulent texture.:
Credit: Pinterest

I like this one because of it’s dark color. It would fit with the ash couch and the large bookshelf.

Sheepskin Longwool Floor Cushion in Taupe
Credit: Arhaus
All that was need to match the rugs were the pillows! And who could say no to fuzzy ones?

Faux Bois 18” Floor Lamp With Bark Texture
Credit: Arhaus

Lastly, we have the lanterns! I like the tree floor lantern the best, it fits well with the reading atmosphere, and just looks pretty. 😊

Thank you for reading this post, I hope y’all could relate to any of my ideas on here!

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