Series Review: Daytime Shooting Star


Volume Count: 12 Volumes

Daytime Shooting Star: After her parents announce their unexpected trip to Bangladesh, Suzume Yosano is sent to live with her uncle in Tokyo.

Being from the country, Suzume thinks it’ll be hard to adjust. However she sets out to make new friends with tsundere boy who has a weird habit, and a girl who’s world hasn’t yet expanded. Suzume even makes friends with her teacher, however it becomes very complicated once her feelings start to change. Then her friendship with Mamura takes a very unpredicted turn. Yet through her friends, she is able to find the truth within herself, and confront all her problems.

Suzume wonders if she is able to find the impossible: a daytime shooting star, in her new world in the city.

Review: This was such a fluffy, complicated series.

First I’d like to say that I’m a huge fan with the art, especially the eyes. I’m not sure what it is, but I am just a really big fan of how the illustrator drew the eyes. Also the art style is something I’m used to seeing, so I really enjoyed looking through this series a lot.

This series was very complicated (character relationship wise), but knowing myself, I’ll probably find some other series that can top it. However, for the moment this is just one of the most complicated love triangle stories I’ve ever read. I’m not usually into love triangles a lot, it would have to be good to catch my attention, but I had fun (and stress) over the triangle in Daytime Shooting Star. There were moments where I favored one ship over the other, but I’m happy with the result of this entire series. It was worth reading.

I didn’t really have a ship that I stuck with throughout, I just read to see what would happen. There were times where I liked Suzume with a character, and there were times where I grew uncomfortable with her and another character. But I’m really happy how everything played out in the end, truly.

Suzume was a fun character to read about. I’ve read similar characters like her before—it’s certainly not anything new—but I still enjoyed reading about her constant appetite (not like my own but it’s was still funny) or her difficult decision making. She’s supportive of her friends, like Yuyuka Nekota, and was really nice towards her when Yuyuka was a pain.

I even enjoyed reading about all the extra characters and their ships. Yasou was my favorite side character. He was like a little puppy! (Meaning his actions are adorable and innocent.) I wish he visited Suzume more often, I thought it was cute that he always brought her food. 🙂

I like the concept? I’m into sappy stuff like this. (It’s my weakness: tears and fluff.) I honestly can’t really catch plot in any shoujo manga, because every motive is pertaining to love and everything in between seems random—like a slice of life. However the development of characters and outcomes means that it truly isn’t a slice of life, but I honestly didn’t go into detail about if it was a SOL or not.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this series. I had a lot of fun with it, and if you pick it up I hope you can too!

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️❄️

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