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I’m back with another spotlight for this week! I recently heard that a comic I started, but didn’t finish, became completed! It was completed for a while actually, but I’ve been putting it off because I didn’t know if I was able to get back into it. However, I’m here now with a spotlight, so that means I conquered my demons (aka Procrastination) and actually finished it!

So without further ado, here’s the comic spotlight for this week!

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unTouchable by Massstar

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Credit: Massstar

Long ago, I first spotted this comic while scrolling through the “Featured” section of Webtoons and looked at the synopsis. I then decided to not read it, because vampires. (I had a thing about not reading vampire stuff, it’s gone now.) However, it kept showing up, and I needed reading material, so I clicked on it and began to read.

I was instantly hooked, and I ended up reading all of the updates that were available (130-ish episodes) in one night (or was it two?). (I can’t remember much, it’s been a long while, and I’ve forgotten a lot because I was caught up in other comics.)

The synopsis seemed very cheesy, and frankly, something I couldn’t envision myself reading. After I did read unTouchable, I was surprised that I was actually enjoying it so much!

I put it off after there were no more chapters for me to read, but I read the rest of the updates recently, and got hooked again. After I finished, I knew I had to make a post for it! (Partially because I haven’t written about a Webtoon yet.)

Here are some highlights/clarifications about the comic (as much as I can remember that’s not a spoiler).

  1. Facts about Sia: She is a model looking for a gig, but she’s also a special kind of vampire that absorbs energy from human contact. Sia’s friend, Baryu, is also a vampire, however her friend, Sihwan, is not.
  2. Facts about Baryu: He’s a famous singer, who changes his hairstyle now and then (his last hairstyle is my favorite. 😊) He and Sia are childhood friends, and he’s been calling Sia “Simba” for most of her life. (It’s actually really cute.)
  3. Jiho: He is a mystery author who refuses to touch anyone. Is this condition medical? Is it trauma? You will soon learn.
  4. Sia finds it annoying how Jiho doesn’t let her touch him. (She needs to, after all she’s a vampire who eats energy.) So the first part of the series is about her strategizing ways for Jiho to overcome his inability to get closer to people.
  5. When Sia first meets Jiho, she compared him to chicken. She even saved his number as “Chicken” on her contacts list. 😂 (Jiho doesn’t know yet.)
  6. I noticed that the art changes just a tad. It’s hard to see at first, but I compared the art from episode one and the last episode together and saw improvement in the last episode. It’s actually really cool, once you think about it.
  7. New characters are introduced in the middle of the series, and darker backstories come to light. It will have you on the edge of your seat; so much drama! 😄

There are now 142 saved episodes on Webtoons to read right now! Some parts may be for an older audience (if I remember correctly), just to let y’all know. If you want to read a good love story, with a touch of drama and plot twists (and there will be some), then please try it out!

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5 thoughts on “Webtoon Spotlight: unTouchable

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  1. YES, you did a Webtoon spotlight!
    I remember when I first started reading this, it was very easy to put down. It just felt like a typically cheesy romance. But as it went on…oh gosh the plot twists. I’m still reading it, but I’m surprised (pleasantly) at where it’s going. And dang does the art change…subtly, yes, but it’s there.
    And dang, over 100 chapters in one night? You caught up to this faster than I did with Dr. Frost…Back when it had 75 episodes….ah, the life back then…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought it would be cheesy too, but the twists certainly made up for all of it. I don’t remember if it was 100, it was around that, and it was so long ago, when I actually had the time to read that much. I had around 18 chapters left last week (I had to go back through several chapters to find where I left off, it’s been a few months), so I just binged those, and I’m glad I did. Keep reading! It gets better! I haven’t caught up with several Webtoons yet, and I plan to when summer rolls around. I’m glad you liked the post!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know! I’m starting to get a bad vibe from Jiho passing out so much…and Baryu is proving to have more depth than I thought. Ah wow, it’s so nice to have enough time to read 100 chapters! Good times, good times…and yes, I wasn’t planning on DNFing it. And which Wbetoons are you planning on catching up to?


  2. Oh I keep getting this one on my feed as well! I wasn’t super interested in it either but now that I’ve read your review (this keeps happening, I wonder why XD ) I kind of want to give it a chance… The art seems decent enough. And a cute love story? Count me IN! ^^
    Lovely post, of course!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always read the first 3 or so chapters of a Webtoon to get a good feel for it. After 3, if you don’t like it, you can drop it. For manga, I read the first 2 books, because all the important characters are introduced around the 2nd volume. But give it a try, it might surprise you! 😄 Tell me how it goes afterwards!


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