T10T: Most Anticipated Books For the 2nd Half of 2017

Consider this post to be part of my New Releases tab. Top Ten Tuesdays are a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. #1 The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell July 18th #2 Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes December 12 (I have not yet read Crystal Storm, but I really want to!) #3... Continue Reading →


Blog Updates: Finals, A Hiatus, and 500 Followers?!

Hello! Yay! More blog updates, because we all love those! Am I right? I'm just here to brush up on some topics, and announce my small semi-hiatus, and discuss what I'll do with my 500 follower special. First, Finals! It's that time of year for me again! Finals have rounded the corner and that means... Continue Reading →

Series Review: House of the Sun

Volume Count: 13 Volumes House of the Sun: Mao has always had family problems for as long as she can remember. Her parents were seldomly home, and when they were, they were always fighting with each other. One day when Mao couldn't take it anymore, she runs to the nearest shrine and hides there. That shrine... Continue Reading →

The Sims Book Tag!

Thank You! I want to thank a wonderful anime and YA blogger for tagging me! Ava @ Read, Rhythms, and Ruminations! Thank you so much for the tag! If you hadn't already seen her site, please visit it after the post! The Original Sims – the best author debut I think this was a pretty... Continue Reading →

Dream Reading Place!

Hello! This post is what the title says it is: A Dream Reading space! It's going to contain everything that I'd love to have in the perfect reading corner! This idea came to me from Arhaus, who inspired me to share my ideas on a perfect reading area. I am very honored and thrilled to... Continue Reading →

Review: The Crown’s Game

The Crown's Game: For a long time, a lone enchanter was allowed to serve under the Tsar of Russia. The job of the Imperial Enchanter was not easy, and needed all the magic they could get to help the kingdom in a time of war. To avoid any disturbance in the enchanter's magic, only one... Continue Reading →

Totally Should Have Book Tag 2!

Thank you! I want to thank two amazing bloggers for tagging me! Sophie @ Blame It On Chocolate and Joana @ Book Needers! Thank you girls! And also, after you finish reading this post, please check out both of their sites! TOTALLY SHOULD'VE GOTTEN A SEQUEL The Scorpio Races was pretty good, and I think... Continue Reading →

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