Series Review: Alice In the Country of Hearts


Volume Count: 6 Volumes (In the main series.)

Alice In the Country of Hearts: Down the rabbit hole Alice goes! For an adventure far from old. Sure, she’ll meet many who are foes. But they won’t get to this girl, she’s far to bold.

Play a game, come here won’t you? Learn of the tale of Alice and everything she’ll do! Everyone loves Alice, that shouldn’t make you surprised. They did so very much, from the moment she arrived!

The game is set, the cards are dealt; people will cry from the feels that they felt. So play the game, drink the potion; make everyone love you; it’ll sure make a commotion.

Everyone is mad, but that’s not so bad. It’s a dream after all, from the very moment White makes you fall!

Review: I loved this series! 💜

I love almost everything Alice in Wonderland related, and this manga series was right up my alley. There’s so many great characters based off the original ones, and a few new ones too!

Alice is a sprightly girl, who tries her best to change everyone’s heart. In a world where no one values the meaning of life (they kill on a whim) she shows all the Role Makers to try and help make them see how special their lives are. I really enjoyed reading Alice’s character a ton. She is a very generous person, and she influences all the characters into a better lifestyle. (That and I can’t help but fangirl. C’mon! She’s Alice, how could I not?)

I loved all the supporting characters as well. Some, however, were very hard to trust (I’m talking to you Hatter). But I loved all of their bright spirits, and how they rallied themselves to please Alice. (It was kind of adorable, mainly when it was Peter White—the White Rabbit.) (The cat, Boris, was also a favorite of mine. He’s a cat. I’m inclined to like all cat characters.)

The plot is very suspenseful and exciting. It had a twinge of mystery to it that I certainly enjoyed (at the ending too, it sorta left me hanging there). Alice is forced into the world of her dreams (by forced I mean White kidnapped her—not a spoiler, it’s the first thing that happens) and so the series is about her obtaining the admiration of each character in order to go back home. It was nicely paced, and I binge read this easily.

I loved the art style! It was very modest and detailed. The art doesn’t change at all for each volume and was easy for me to read, which I enjoyed. My favorite parts to look at were the stills at the end, lots of emotion came from them and I appreciated that.

I really enjoyed the character interaction between Peter x Alice the most. Peter was adorable in his bunny form, and was basically a lively person (don’t want to say “puppy”) whenever she was around. I also enjoyed the interaction between Boris x Alice, Elliot March x Alice, and Vivaldi x Alice. All three of these characters were concerned for Alice’s welfare, and reminded My of great siblings (even though they’re far from it). However the relationship Alice had with Ace and the Hatter was a bit rocky, but it was nice seeing how everything played out.

Overall, I highly recommend this series if you enjoy retellings of any kind.

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️❄️.5

More: Thanks for reading my review! If you liked this, then please Like and Follow my site! If you’re interested in more books by Soumei Hoshino, then click here (it’s Amazon). How did you like my synopsis, I tried… Also apparently, this manga was based off an otome game. I don’t really like otome games, I just read this series because I thought it was a good series to read. So if you are interested, go out and read it! (There’s spin-offs too, but I’m not reading those at the moment, but you do you! *thumbs up*) That’s all for now, bye!

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4 thoughts on “Series Review: Alice In the Country of Hearts

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  1. This was the first manga I ever read, and omigosh, it was so cute and random and I loved it. Peter was so hilariously epic and the CUTEST when he was in bunny form. I really need to get back to this series since I think I got to about three and got distracted by all the other manga out there. You have reinspired the love for the book. Wonderful post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love Peter’s bunny form too! It’s just the cutest!! I suggest you finish it! (I get sidetracked by other manga too, haha.) It gets better and better! I hope you enjoy it!


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