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I want to thank Sophie @ Blame It On Chocolate for another amazing tag! I adore her blog, she has the best tags around and loads of chocolate! Click her name to see it now!

The Harry Potter Book Tag was created by Trang and Lashaan @ Bookidote and all the graphics below belong to them.


A book you found the theme interesting, but you’d like to rewrite it.


I had an idea of what the book would be before I read it, and it was different from what I actually read. I still really like this book, but I’d probably like to tweak it.


The first book in a series that got you hooked.


YA: I had many series that I loved, but The Faerie Path series was the one I started out with. It was a good series at the time, although looking back, I can now critique all the cons about it.

MANGA: I was reading a few manga series before this, but Noragami sealed the deal and made me want to write reviews on manga. I found myself taking mental notes as I read, and thinking about things like plot and characters (how I think when I’m trying to review a book). I came up with a review for the series in my head and thought, “Why not review other manga series?” So I started to read manga for the fun of reviewing them.

WEBCOMICS: Miss Abbot and the Doctor was one of the earliest comics I read. I was reading them on Pinterest, not knowing that there were more comics just like it. After I discovered Webtoons, I started going crazy binge reading on all the comics I came across. However, because chapters are posted every week or so, I decided to take a break and wait until there’s enough material to binge read. I’m trying to get back, but I’m reading a lot of comics on Tapastic instead at the moment.


A book you wish you could have right now.


I still don’t have this book yet. I want to read it though!


I tried looking for this one at B&N but I couldn’t find it. I’ll try harder next time!


A killer book. Both senses. Take it as you like.


I absolutely love this book! Read it now! Please!



A book that you found really confusing.


I didn’t find this confusing, but because I had to read it for class last year, and I couldn’t get around all the multiple themes my teacher was talking about.

I’m usually okay for a reading assignment, but for this book we had to go over 5 different themes that I couldn’t originally find on my own, and that made reading this a bit tougher.

Honestly, the book wasn’t too bad, it’s just that I was trying to figure out morals, themes, symbolism, world connections, author interpretations, etc. and I couldn’t really focus on the story. I had to break it down the book chapter by chapter, and paragraph by paragraph.

However now, I’m doing very well with assigned reading; after this books it’s gotten a lot easier.


Your spirit animal book.


I didn’t even have to think about this question.


A dark twisted book.


I didn’t have to think for this one either. Good book though.


A book that surprised you in a great way, reveals to be more than it is.


I was really skeptical when I began this book, over 3 years ago. I thought I wouldn’t like it at all. However, I was actually getting into it towards the middle, and ended up liking it.


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22 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Book Tag!

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    1. No problem! And I’ll check out your post, I didn’t know you already did it. 🙂 Also I found The Crown’s Game entertaining in a lot of places, it’s just a bit different from how I imagined it being. If you do decide to pick it up, I really hope you like it!! 😀 I read it because I heard about book 2 coming out too! I still might read it, I liked the first book enough to want to read The Crown’s Fate. But I’ll wait too. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m also interested in Caravel. While I’ve heard mixed reviews, the plot sounds very interesting.
    And Miss Abbott and the Doctor is so sweet!
    Ugh, I hate when teachers do that. It totally distracts from the story. And y’know what? You can usually find the themes more when you are reading the story and getting into it. Not when you’re just trying to find themes and symbolism alone. You can’t get much out of that. It’s probably why so many students dislike assigned reading; we aren’t allowed to really get into the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am too! I was around when all the hype about the release happened, and I’m interested in reading it. I hear mixed reviews too, but I still want to see for myself how I’ll like it. 🙂
      I love that comic! I don’t know if it’s still updating, the last time I checked, the updates were very slow.
      Also I totally understand. If students spent less time looking for details and symbolism, then they could enjoy the book more. For The Book Thief, I’m not really required to take notes; I’m reading a few chapters a day, then get to sum up what I read in class. We don’t look for any small details, we just read and enjoy the book, and later talk about it. That’s probably why I’m enjoying it so much.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s an interesting idea to me, and I want to see how well it’s executed. And I typically want to see what I think about the book rather than relying on reviews.
        Miss Abbott and the Doctor is currently on hiatus. It’ll be back in June. (So long…). I know! That was a problem last year; we had to constantly find symbolism. And it couldn’t be the obvious symbolism. Sigh. And that’s cool, and the perfect way to read The Book Thief, honestly. That’s really nice, I think people get more out of the book if they enjoy it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Same, I’m interested in how the author will pull off the story.
        Also thanks for telling me about Miss Abbott! I didn’t know that it would be on break for so long.
        And it is a good way to read. It’s how I read my other books, haha.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Assigned reading really can ruin a book. You’re so focused on close reading and reading for school that you lose the excitement of the book. Wonderful post and I loved reading your answers! 😀 Thank you so much for thinking of me, but I actually did this tag before (wayyyy back that I actually had to look it up myself XD). Thanks again and wonderful post!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And it can, that’s why I prefer individual reading most of the time. Also, no problem! I didn’t know you did the tag, but I’m glad that you were interested in it. 😄


  3. Ooooh you finally did it! *_*
    I love all your answers and I might just pick up a few to add to my TBR (not that it needs any more books but who’s counting? XD )
    I recently got into webtoons as well (can we all blame Kate for it? Yes we can) and I got this Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes vibe from Miss Abbott and the Doctor… Is it like that? I have yet to read it but just curious.
    Thank you for the lovely shout out! You’re the best ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, my TBR is piling up too! I don’t know when I’ll finish them all. AND YAY! You’re reading Webtoons, I’m so happy. (Yes, we can blame Kate 😄; she helped me get into a lot of good ones.) I didn’t get that kind of vibe when I was reading it, but I can see it. When I was reading it, it wasn’t quite like Sherlock, more of a romcom. Dr. Frost is a bit more like Sherlock. But I’m glad you’re interested!! Also no problem, thank you for tagging me!!! Also which Webtoons have you read, I’m curious. 😄


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