Series Review: Millennium Snow


Volume Count: 4 Volumes

Millennium Snow: Chiyuki has suffered from a heart illness all her life. Everyday she wishes that she’ll live to see the next snow fall. Chiyuki knows she doesn’t have a lot of time left, which is why she wants to see all the beauty the world has to offer. Then one day she spots a boy who falls from a great height. Upon investigation, he’s still alive, but very annoying.

Touya is an vampire, has been for 18 years. He’s kept a distance from humans, believing them to be weak. However he ends up saving one human in particular, Chiyuki, and from her he learns how to become more involved with their lives.

Review: Gosh darn this book and pulling at my heartstrings!

I just want to say that I loved it! (No, it’s not like Twilight, it was made before that, thank you very much.) It was very funny at some moments, but overall the emotions were through the roof!

The first two volumes were just comic relief. (They resembled that of OHSHC manga.) It didn’t really have any straight plot, it was just fully entertainment. And I ate it up, because it was just too darn hilarious. 😄 The art style for the first two books also resembled that of OHSHC, it looked drawn on paper but I like that art style a lot!

The second two volumes just… bam! Here you have the first two, they’re just comedy and (somewhat) sketchy art, then in the next two volumes everything escalated quickly AND THEN THERE WAS PLOT! (All hail the plot! 🎉) No really, there was an explosion of sudden plot, and I was going around like, “This just got really deep, really fast.” The art style greatly improved (but I still missed the old one, I liked it too) and suddenly there was a story to follow (but I still liked the comedy from the first two). The second two books kept some of its comedy, but it lessened a bit to be able to delve into deeper, heavier story lines.

For example, imagine a world where everything was bright and sunny and nobody had a care what they were doing because they frolicked through flower fields (just go with me here), then all of a sudden this thing called “reality” came into the scene and everyone just talked about deeper things, and problems started to come up. This is what the transition from the first two books to the next two were like. However I understand why there was such a change. The first two were made around 2001 and then there was (about) a decade gap and the next two volumes were made around 2014. Still, it was totally unexpected from my view (but it was still good).

There are a lot of time gaps in the chapters too. You’d read what was happening presently, then after the story was over, the next chapter took place a month, or a year later. It got the story moving along, so I don’t have any real problems with this, it’s just an observation.

I loved all the characters! They didn’t really change a lot between the volume gap, which made me really happy. Chiyuki was a really nice (if a bit air-headed) girl with a need to touch other people’s hearts before she left the world. She was pretty easy going, which was nice, but I feel that maybe her character could have been a bit more memorable in a way.

Touya stayed his hilarious, obnoxious self throughout the series, and I enjoyed that. He did change subtly, but his personality was still the same as ever. (I liked his personality, he’s a tsundere so…) Touya cared a lot for Chiyuki but had a hard time showing it, so you mainly get to see him grow more comfortable and express himself through the actions of helping others.

The subordinate characters were great too. Some I didn’t trust (one turns into a Tamlin…) but overall even though they didn’t show up so much, I still really enjoyed reading about them!

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️❄️.5

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    1. She is make no other manga series. She’s currently writing one called Behind the Scenes, it looks pretty good, and the art is fantastic. I want to read it sometime in the future. If you check out her other works, I hope you like them! 😄

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      1. When you do I hope they look interesting. A lot of Bisco’s series mimics her love for comedy. (Meaning lots of funny outtakes.) Those are always fun to read. 🙂But she’s now into more action based things I hear, so that will be something new.

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  1. I forgot to look for this manga series. When I realized she wrote something other than Ouran High School Host Club, I meant to look for it. I’m glad to hear that it is so amazing.

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