Comic Spotlight: Jihye Han & Jung-Eun Ahn



I was recommended to read the comic, Jack: The American Ghost from a very good friend of mine, Kate @ MeltingPotsAndCalamities! And I absolutely, without a doubt, loved it.

So now I bring to you, this week’s spotlight!!

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Jack: The American Ghost by Jihye Han and Jung-Eun Ahn

Image result for jack the american ghost
Credit: Jung-Eun Ahn

Oh how I loved this comic! It really balances out horror and thriller in a brilliant way, and there is also some paranormal, romance, and mystery splashed in as well (for those of you who are interested). The characters may seem a bit strange at first, but once you continue to read, your heart will pour out for them. And there are so many feels!

I’ve only had the change to read season 1, but I want to dive into some highlighted moments to helps clarify or briefly sum up some of the characters. (Don’t worry, there are no spoilers, all the stuff I say is introduced early into the comic.)

  1. First off, it’s nice to get to know the names of our characters, more importantly the characters who appear the most: Jack and Go-Eun Ma.
  2. A little background on Jack: He was once a famous singer, he had a legion of fans, and he tragically died in the Dunn Mansion. His death is unknown, only whoever killed him truly knows what happened. (Or do they???) People come to the site where he died, thinking it’s haunted, and stay there for 15 days in order to win a prize of 1 million dollars.
  3. A little background on Go-Eun: She was always made fun of for her expressionless face, but there is a reason to why she chooses not to feel anything at all. Her mother died due to hanging, and Go-Eun was unfortunate enough to have witnessed the whole event. Before her death, her mother owned a haunted house in an adventure park. At the moment, times are tough, and in order to keep the mansion her mother loved, Go-Eun sets out to America to scope out the haunted mansion of the late singer, Jack Bland.
  4. A little background on Sebastian: A butler for the Dunn Mansion. (No he is not Sebastian Michaelis, though he does look like Tanaka oddly enough.)
  5. A little background on Cindy: She is the scariest fangirl you will ever meet, that’s for sure. She is a big fan of Jack, and will do almost anything to be with him. Even if that means going into a haunted mansion with the possibility of death.
  6. A little background on Aiden: He’s a soldier, and his motive for coming to the mansion is (as he puts it) surely for the money. There’s a bit of mystery surrounding him, and I won’t tell you more because I want you to read it yourself.
  7. A little background on Jeong Yuho: He used to date Go-Eun back in high school. However, she over heard him talking about how he was using her, and she dumped her drink on him and cursed him saying that he’ll fail all his final exams. Which he did, and his college entry too. Twice. He currently has a bad attitude, and wants revenge on Go-Eun.
  8. A little background on Misha: She dated Jack ten years ago, but it ended with his death. (Or did it???) (Or am I bluffing you???) Jack is still pining after her, and he would do absolutely anything in the world to see her again.
Image result for jack the american ghost
Credit: Jung-Eun Ahn

Overall, I highly suggest this comic, and all the twists and feels that came along with it. It’s worth taking a peek at, trust me!

That’s the performance of the day, stay tuned for more updates!

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