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This is such a long awaited post. 😀



Sherlock Holmes | Benedict Cumberbatch:
Credit: Pinterest

How I got sucked in: A friend of mine kept talking about this show called Sherlock which she watched on Netflix a million times. Long story short she forced me to binge watch the series with her after season 3 came out. I’m now a full-fledged Sherlockian.



Only a fan would understand... Being one, I can honestly say:
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How I got sucked in: Same friend who watched Sherlock also forced me to watch The Avengers with her. She then made me watch all the Iron Man movies, the Thor movies, and then I watched the Captain America movies on my own.


Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls TV Poster #2 - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery:
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How I got sucked in: Seeing lots of propaganda about this kids’ show 5 years ago made me turn away from it. However I actually ended up watching the first episode after it just aired and got hooked.


Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall❤ Adelaide Parade: Ohh, we're goin' to the pasture to meet Adelaide and ask 'er  If she has a way to send us back where we came from I don't know who she is, Or how she is Or when or why she is, But as for where she is She is where we will go To Adelaide, to Adelaide  Come on and join the Adelaide parade Adelaide, to Adelaide  We're going to Adelaide's house today:
Credit: @TheArtOfAnimation (Tumblr)

How I got sucked in: A week or so after Halloween in 2014, Cartoon Network had a short series that released 15 min. episodes for a whole week called Over the Garden Wall. I thought it looked like a cute kids’ show to watch, but then was taken aback by all the hidden dark moments. I was instantly hooked and watched the entire show as it aired. I’m working my way to turn the friend who got me into Marvel and Sherlock into getting into this show. It’s working. 😀


Yuri On Ice!!!

Yuri!!! On Ice - Altyn Otabek , Crispino Michele , Giacometti Kristoff , Katsuki Yuuri , Lee Seung-gil , Leroy Jean-jacques , Minami Kenjirou , Phichit Chulanont , Qi Guanhong , Victor Nikiforov e Yuri Plisetsky .:
Credit: Pinterest

How I got sucked in: I heard about this show on Twitter from Rainbow Rowell. (Yes, I really did, she once tweeted about it.) But I wasn’t into anime at the time and brushed it off. However, my friends who do watch anime kept talking about it and convinced me to watch it. Long story short, I love anime now because someone made me watch YOI.


Superman (Older Versions)

Superman emblem:
Credit: DC

How I got sucked in: I grew up with old 90s DVDs of Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman. I would binge watch these every summer and finish all 4 seasons in 2 weeks. (There’s so many episodes, you have to give up sleep.) My father gave me the Christopher Reeve’s movie and I loved watching those. I ended up watching more older rebooted Superman movies, and my favorite movie ended up to be Superman Returns (A bit more modern but meh, it’s Kevin Spacey and Brandon Routh, how could I not?). I don’t like the current Superman movies, especially Batman vs Superman and Man of Steel.


Doctor Who

Tardis - Doctor Who quote. I like how he starts out all smart and then it devoles into nonsense.:
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How I got sucked in: I binged watched a DW marathon during Christmas 2 years ago and got hooked. I don’t have any other way of watching these besides the marathon, so I try to watch as many as I can once Christmas rolls around.


The Infernal Devices

The Infernal Devices:
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How I got sucked in: After reading and watching City of Bones, I picked up this series despite some negative things being said about it. I came to love it immediately, and it is currently my favorite series of all time.


Webtoons (Yes, I consider this a fandom.)

Image result for webtoons logo
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How I got sucked in: I was reading a bunch of comics on Pinterest, not realizing that a few of them belonged to Webtoons. I found this site out by searching Miss Abbott and the Doctor and Google led me to this site. I began to binge read everything on here, but now I read less. I hope to get back into reading more of these comics soon.


RPG Horror

Horror RPG games:
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How I got sucked in: What was supposed to be a quiet, flute practice session with a friend turned into a RPG Horror binge on YouTube. I ended up watching more Horror games later, on my own, and found many that I love. I’ve watched 5 on this list, and have 3 that I haven’t finished.


Anything Okegom

mogeko castle, wadanohara and the great blue sea, the gray garden :3:
Credit: Pinterest

How I got sucked in: Through Mogeko Castle (I, in fact, did like this game, but I wouldn’t recommend it) I discovered Ogekom’s multiple games/comics. Sadly, future Let’s Plays of future games are not prohibited due to spoilers, but I hope to one day play the games myself. Also as I mentioned there are comics. They barely update them, but they’re still fun to read now and then.

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