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I was in one of my “lazy” weekends, where I tend to do absolutely nothing while reading bunches of comics and binge YouTube RPG Horror, lol. So I decided to compose a list of all of my favorite webcomics I love to read that are either on Pinterest or Tumblr. (I came up with this post idea when I was just scrolling around through some comics wearing my fuzzy cat blanket. *small laughter* Call me “The Fuzzy Blanket Reader” 😂 It’s funny because it’s true.) Anyway, sadly this will not include WebToons, I’ll try to make separate author spotlight posts for them sometime in the future.

I hope you enjoy this post, and please check out the comic artist mentioned below!

Currently On the Stage:

Kid n Teenagers by z-t00n

Credit: z-t00n/z-doodler

In general, this slice of life/comedy comic that delves into the strange life of Chris, the leader of cats, Ted, the hoarder of all watermelons, and Aiden, the troublemaker. Lots of strange comedic shorts take place, like Chris’s and Betty’s dog vs cat war, Ted/Chris annoying Aiden and vice versa, Huggles moments, Chris and Mr. Floofy, Jeffmelon, etc.

What I really love most about this series, is that it has a lot of dark humor. Also that the characters all have really interesting backgrounds. Each reboot of the comic is certainly interesting because the character’s personalities are slightly altered. I like both the older reboots and the newer ones, so I don’t have a particular preference. All the art styles are unique and original—and different from the last.

You have to really read a lot of the comic strips to really understand them. Here’s a basic list of highlighted moments in the whole comic.

  1. Urban Kid n’ Teenagers was the early name for this comic. You can still read these if you can find them all. They are the older works and have a much different story compared to now.
  2. Originally, Ted, Chris, and Aiden lived in a peculiar world where skeletons were living beings, but now we see less and less of the skeletons. I liked the skeletons and miss them a lot, but I understand that the artist’s view is changing and I respect that.
  3. At one point, Ted and Chris died in a car accident and their souls lived in dolls. Aiden had those dolls, and would talk to them and see them do strange things (like what a ghost would really). But Ted and Chris were (miraculously) brought back for the next reboot, so there’s plenty more to read about them.
  4. There’s lots of mystery surrounding about Ted’s father too. I could tell you now, but I’m not too sure if it’s a spoiler—it’s better to read that part to yourself.
  5. Now that I’m currently back into reading the comics, new characters are introduced such as Betty and Nick. You’ll start seeing more of them now, they’re equally fun to read about. Nick is Ted’s friend, but Chris’s enemy because Betty is also Nick’s friend. (Conflict erupts between Betty and Chris—not a spoiler, it’s just known.)
  6. Fan fact: there’s a lot of shipping controversy now thanks to the new characters. Fans are starting to ship Nick x Ted, while there are still others who are completely loyal to the Tedris ship.
  7. There are several characters that don’t make a comeback sadly. Like Chuchu the skeleton, Cooper, and Pinkie (AKA Andrew). Fun fact, because of the reboot, Pinkie the person became Huggles the Doll. So I guess Pinkie is still around, but he’s a doll named Huggles now and has a completely different personality.
  8. Speaking of different personalities, Ted and Chris both change a lot during each new art style change. For instance, Chris went from adorable to angsty-rebel to cat sniffer to cat general in the last few years. Ted went from sweet to depressed to conniving (towards Aiden that is) to happy then back to depressed (but more trolly). Aiden was the only one who stayed the same (gotta love that kid 😄).
  9. Ted’s given name is Tedrick. 🙂
  10. Things that stayed the same were Ted’s love of watermelons, and Chris’s cat obsession. Also don’t forget Mr. Foofy, he’s everyone’s favorite cat! (Well, not everyone’s—looking at you Aiden.)
  11. That brings me to Mr. Foofy. There’s a very sweet story of how he came to be in Chris’s home, but I won’t tell you because I want you all to experience that yourself when you read it.
  12. Also to clarify, Ted is a friend of Chris, and Aiden is Chris’s younger brother. However, in early editions, Chris lived alone on the streets and Ted would come along and keep him company way before Aiden was introduced. Then in further reboots, Chris and Aiden would live with their mom, and Ted with his parents.
  13. NOW I’m pretty sure that Ted, Chris, and Aiden live under one roof, but I see Chris’s mom a lot so I’m not 100 percent that’s the case.

(I’m so sorry that this is long and probably confusing, I’m trying to explain everything as best as I can.)

Image result for kid n teenagers characters
Credit: z-t00n/z-doodler

There’s a few spin-offs like 3 Simple Doodles, Oh Ted, and Chris and Ted that you might find easier to read. They’re short comics (3SD is 3 panels, hence the name) and are just as funny as KnT. Z-t00n made a few other short comics, like A Dino for Fork, Tim Tam Tom, Andrew and Allen, and Ollie/Blake. I believe they are discontinued, but still look into those because they are rather cute like KnT.

Overall, this comic is strangely addicting to read. If you want to give it a try I highly encourage it! That’s all for this special spotlight, thanks for reading!

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26 thoughts on “Comic Spotlight: z-t00n

Add yours

    1. It’s one of my favorite comics! I really hope you like it. There’s tons of cats, I think you’ll like Mr. Foofy . 😄 And I’m planning to do special spotlights for WebToons instead of reviews, because it’s easier to recall highlighted moments. But maybe in the future I’ll make some reviews! Also I want to read that comic that you mentioned to me once but forgot the name, *nervous laughter* (sorry, I’m bad with titles!) could you remind me?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope I like it too. Hehe, I probably will. Oh, that’s a good idea! It’s easier to recall big moments, rather than do reviews because most of them aren’t completed. I may have to do that with the incomplete Webtoons… I look forward to your spotlights!
        And ugh, which comic? I have so many; maybe Bastard, Dr. Frost, American Ghost Jack, or Annarasumanara? I can’t remember all my recommendations.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Cool! I hope you enjoy it. I know I did. But a word of warning; the cutting of pages gets a little choppy at the end (as it was a one page chapter, like Webtoons), and it disrupted my emotional involvement a little. But it was still amazing! (Or if the pages really bug you, you can get a Tapastic account and read it the way it was published. I haven’t had time to do it yet).

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Cool, lemme know how it goes (I.e, did you have to give a ton of information to make an account). I’m trying to convince my parents to let me make an account. And no problem! Glad I could help. American Ghost Jack has such beautiful art, it deserves to be seen in all its glory!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. If it needs a lot of info (like for $$) I might not be able to make it after all. But mangafox is my backup plan, so hopefully that will also work (I’ll be fine about the page cuts if I read it on mangafox). I can’t wait to start it! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yeah, same here. I just need to know if it needs that much info (if it doesn’t, so I can convince my parents), but if it does, I’ll also forget about getting an account. But mangafox is good for the majority of the chapters, it’s just towards the end. 😥. And please lemme know when you start it! I hope you enjoy it.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I think I made an account (I need a computer to confirm my email, it never sent me anything) but it only needs an email and a password. No other info. I’ll start the comic later today probably, if I can’t then tomorrow for sure. I’ll tell you when I do! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Oh! It works now! I just had to change the site from mobile to desktop. 😄 Silly me. Let me know how it goes! My User will be the same as my WebToons, I just need to change it on Tapastic.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Eh, but apparently it gives you samples then you have to view the rest on the app. And I think you do have to pay for them after all. 😔 Oh well, at least I know now, I’ll read the comic on mangafox then.

        Liked by 1 person

      9. That sucks. I thought you could get the app and then watch ads instead of paying; I heard that you can “earn” gold coins and then “tip, your favorite artists. Don’t quote me on that though. That’s a bummer. Well, I hope you enjoy the comic anyway! And you can look up the really pretty images on Google.

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Whaaa!!! This is so good!! (I’m even playing music in the background to add some effect—however it’s happy music [well some of it is] to add to the effect.) I can already tell I’m going to binge this for a while. I’m only on chapter one, but I love the art and the story already!

        Liked by 1 person

      11. Did you get to finish all of season 1? Mangafox only goes up to chapter 64, and season one ends a few chapters after that. (On Tapastic there are 106 chapters, too bad they’re all locked.)

        Liked by 1 person

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