I am back again with another anime/manga discussion!!

I’ve been seeing reoccurrences in lots of the shoujo I’ve been reading/watching, and thought it was a good idea to point them out in a blog post. There are lots of things pertaining to events, personalities (I might dive into those in another post), and patterns. And I hope that you can relate to reading anything on the list!

The Protagonist Chair

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Admit it, almost every high school related anime/manga has the main character sitting in the far left, last/second to last, seat next to the window.

Where else are they going to stare outside and loose themselves in thought?

This trope isn’t that overlooked (they did make a meme after all) and is found a lot in many anime/manga series. Ones that I know of are Kamisama Hajimemashita (I think) and My Little Monster. This seating arrangement has even reached RPGs (Misao) and WebToons (Orange Marmalade—Don’t quote me on that, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it).

The Dramatic Fall-And-Catch

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This tends to happen a lot. The main protag trips and falls, only to be dramatically saved by the love interest. Not only is the fall supposed to be dramatic, but they even do it in slow motion to add some effect. Yup. It’s everywhere really, not just shoujo.

If I had a dollar for every time the main character fell and was caught by someone else, I’d be plenty rich right now.

Also if one of the characters does get injured during the fall, you most certainly know that the other character will take them directly to the infirmary to patch up their (almost always it’s a) leg/foot.

Many manga/anime series where I’ve seen this happen: OHSHC, My Little Monster, Kamisama Hajimemashita (of course), The Demon Prince of Momochi House, The Earl and the Fairy, and more.

The only one that didn’t go through with this trope was the first episode of Yamada and the Seven Witches. Yes, both the main character and his love interest fall off a flight of stairs, but they both passed out in the end. No catching was involved.

 Rooftop Hangout

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Ah, next to the Protagonists Chair, the Rooftop Hangout is widely common in so many anime/manga that take place in a school/work place.

This is where the main character eats alone, or with friends. This is also where lots of drama occurs between characters that have a love interest between them. Anything good or bad can happen on the roof, but it’s still there as a safe place for the characters to interact.

Anime/manga series that I know of that have this trope include: Monochrome Kids, Waiting for Spring, Yamada and the Seven Witches (last episode), and Daytime Shooting Star.

Commoner x Royalty

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I know they’re lots of different types of ships, but the most common one I end up seeing is what I like to call the Cinderella Syndrome. It’s where a generic, non-popular character ends up liking the most popular person in the school/office/media.

It’s really hard to avoid these kinds of ships, it can either be the main character’s love interest or a side character’s. Either way, this is one of the most common types of ships in shoujo or any other manga/anime series for that matter.

Manga/anime series where I seen this ship in general happen: House of the Sun, Waiting for Spring, That Wolf-Boy Is Mine, Love So Life, Monochrome Kids, OHSHC, Yuri! On Ice, Maid Sama, Snow White with the Red Hair, My Little Monster.

That will be all for now! I might decide to do a part 2 list another time with personalities. Thanks for reading!

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