**This series is still on going, I have not quite yet finished everything.**

Current Volume Count: 19 volumes (I’ve read 17 of them.)

Noragami: Have you ever wondered about the graffiti on the walls? Maybe there is a number there; a kind of self-help line. If you see that number, that means you are in need of divine help. Once you call it, immediately say your wish because the person on the other end is more than happy to grant it.

Yato has survived many years bouncing from the wishes of humans. He’s gone through countless of shinki (they keep quitting) and has killed many innocent people. But now, he’s done being a puppet for everyone else. It’s his time to grant wishes for those that he really wants to, and help benefit the world.

Of course this escalates into action when he meets Hiyori and Yukine. Half high school girl and half phantom (you can thank Yato), Hiyori demands that he help with her half-phantom situation. (Yato was responsible after all.) With her, comes Yukine. He’s a troublesome kid, but underneath his darkened exterior, he is the most loyal person Yato has ever met.

Yukine and Hiyori both continue to fight by Yato’s side, and the three encounter many struggles and adventures but always find ways to prevail at the end.

Review: MY HEART! Just… feels… everywhere.

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I loved this entire series! I’ve watched the anime (I think there is a season three out soon, I don’t know when), fell in love with it, and turned over to read the books!

From the very first chapter, you can tell that the anime and the manga were going to be very different from each other. A lot of things stayed the same, but it was the chronological order of events that wasn’t. A few scenes from the anime, don’t match up with the manga; for example when Nora attacks Hiyori, she does so during Yukine’s troubled times with Yato. (This is for the manga by the way.) In the anime, Nora’s vengeance comes after. However, I was actually more attached to the order from the manga versus the anime. The anime left a bunch of things out, and was never very clear at some spots, but the order of the manga makes much more sense and goes into a lot of detail.

The characters are very entertaining! Yato is your average bum (lol), Yukine acts like a concerned father, and Hiyori is as tough as nails (you don’t want to pick a fight with her, she’s got skill). There were so many moments when my heart went out for all of these characters. A lot of their backgrounds were really sad and I sympathized with each one of them. You can tell that they are one big family by how they change each other for the better. They’re a great bunch of kids, and I love them! (Also I love all the supporting characters; my favorites are Kofuku and Nana.)

I know it’s not a great thing to judge by the art style, but I just wanted to say I really adored it! I’ve probable said this about a lot of art, but it’s just really detailed (especially the action scenes). But it also looks really simple too! (Mainly the chibi.)

There was not really one straight plot. The manga series recounts every battle and adventure that these three have been in. However, there is one thing that keeps coming up, which is the “sorcerer”. I’m not giving you anymore, because he isn’t really revealed until much later, but the whole story is leading up to his existence and then his plans for Yato.

It was fairly well written. I still haven’t read many manga series yet, but if it wasn’t for the anime, I probably would have been lost. *Nervous laughter* I’m still getting the hang of reading it though! Don’t worry! Back to the writing, I had to use a lot of context and reading faces to understand what was happening most of the time. But I really loved all the twists (so many) that were incorporated in the series!

Overall, I highly recommend the series for you to read!

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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