Review: Atlantis Rising


Atlantis Rising: Allison has been in hiding ever since the day she discovered what she truly was. It all happened a long time ago, a strange man had told her she was a child of Atlantis, and that there was an evil man searching for her particular ability. Since then she has been using said ability to hide among the students in Fillmore High. But now the threat she has been hiding from comes out to get her, and she must allow herself to be seen in order to be safe again.

Review: I really enjoyed the book!

Allison was a really fun character to read about. At the beginning, she’s always aloof from other people, but with good reason. She sticks to being in the sidelines and tries not to get anyone’s attention. But when she starts being more social, you see her witty and sarcastic side, and I had a great time learning more about her.

Ian was an equally fun character to read. He’s very arrogant and sarcastic too, and was easy to get along with Allison’s character. They both joked back and forth and that added a lightness to the novel, where it took your mind away from all the negative things happening in the plot.

I’ve read many books like this one; an antagonist trying to dominate the world is nothing fresh. But it was still interesting to read, and I enjoyed the otherworldliness of the book.

I wasn’t too addicted to it, but I enjoyed opening a new page and getting to know the characters a little more. There was some excitement towards the end, but it takes a long while before anything extraordinarily climatic happens.

Overall, this was a nice quick read and I hope it’ll interest you.

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️

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