Review: The City’s Son


The City’s Son: Fillius is the son of Mater Viae, goddess of the streets. He’s been alone for almost all 16 years of his life. He’s heard countless stories about his mother’s great achievements and has wanted to be as honorable as her ever since. But she’s been gone for a long time, and he’s never met her. However her greatest enemy, Reach, has resurfaced and is now inciting a war that’ll bring the possibility of Fillius meeting his mother again.

Beth is an urban street artist, and talented at that. Since her father is broken, and her only friend has betrayed her trust; Beth seems more alone than ever. But she has a run in with the mysterious boy with the title of a prince (though he rarely acts like one, the urchin) and starts to fight for the home she’s missed.


A few words to describe it’s awesomeness: breathtaking, beautiful, bittersweet, dark, humorous, compelling, spellbinding, wonderous, ingenious, electrifying!

I absolutely loved the plot. I am a huge fan of urban fantasy, and diving into this book was like seeing a whole new world born out my own. It gave off a sort of dark, but whimsical feel all around. I literally had no words to describe it (but I will, because I’m reviewing it).

And the London setting was really refreshing! The author didn’t write about it being a bright place, but one filled with dark, wonderous things lurking in the dumps and alleys of the streets.

I loved the characters to pieces! Almost every single one of them! The characters I loved the most were Beth, Fillius, Pen, Mr. Bradley, Electra, and Victor.

Beth was incredibly witty and fun. She’s also very crazy and fierce. She had sass for days and I loved the way she always took charge of the moment and became a leader. Her voice is her most powerful weapon, the speeches she makes, and the hearts she touches, is her biggest strength and what gets her to be a leader in the first place. She’s entitled to being scared out of her mind, but she always handles her fear well and turns it into bravery.

The boy with the city in his skin, also known as Fillius (aka Fil), was equally crazy and probably a bit mad. He may come off as arrogant at times, but it masks his utter fear of facing up to his biggest problem (Reach). What I can say is, is that he’s so stupidly brave, that it ends up being bad for him. I won’t say any more because of spoilers.

I loved all of the character intereactions, whether it was Pen and Beth or Beth and Fil. Beth and Fil always bickered, but it was always entertaining and it’ll make you laugh a lot I garentee. (So much sass with these two, they’re each others match indeed.) Pen and Beth would joke around a lot too, but what I loved most is how they could understand each other so much and wanted to protect each other no matter the cost. Their friendship runs deep, and it was really sweet to watch them have each other’s backs (except for that one moment, but I won’t say cause spoilers.)

All the other supporting characters were amazing! I loved Electra, she was captivating to read and even more interesting because she was made from a lamp. Victor was exactly like that grandpa who always snuck you money when grandma weren’t looking, he was my favorite supporting character. Mr. Bradley is a horrible father, yes (although not as bad as Pen’s dad), but he redeems himself throughout the story. And it breaks my heart every time when I read about how determined he was to find his daughter.

I was angry at Pen’s folks. They only cared about what Pen looked liked on the outside, and when she goes through a rough time and back, all they cared about was plastic surgery for her face, not the fact that she survived or not (I guess her mom did though). It was the saddest, most disappointing, thing in the whole book, and there are a lot of deaths and twists that lead me grasping for the next page. I was very upset with them, they lose their “cool parent” points, I gave them all to Paul Bradley.

The writing was incredible! So very discriptive! The author put Fil’s POV in first person, and Beth and the rest in 3rd (I like books that do that. Though I wish there was more Fil chapters, I wanted more of those.) I was addicted from the very first page, and I binge read the book the entire way through (it took 2 days to read). I am shocked that not many people have read this book, I feel as though it should have more fans backing it up. It was a really great read.

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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