Review Copies: Capturing Faith and Twisted Faith


**I have been given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

TITLE: Capturing Faith

AUTHOR: Victoria Schwimley

PUB. DATE: March 29, 2014

WHERE TO BUY: AmazonApple, Barns & Noble


Capturing Faith: Chelsea Warren is the most popular girl in school, and the leader of the tightest clique on campus. The most important things to her are her looks and the respect of her followers. But Chelsea has a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know. Amber Walker is compassionate, trustworthy, and the most well-adjusted girl in school. The most important thing to her is serving God and her community. When an argument between Chelsea and her best friend occurs, she runs straight to Amber for help. Amber discovers Chelsea’s secret and turns to Pastor David Owens for assistance. Ryan Evers is the smartest boy on campus, but when a careless accident leaves one of the girls clinging to life and Ryan the object of hate, he also turns to David. Can David help these three troubled teens before it’s too late?

Review: This was a really good book.

It contained a good strong message throughout the story, and the plot twists were highly enjoyable. You were able to distinguish what each and every character was able to think, and I believe that’s a good trait in leading story and showing each character’s personalities.

I really liked Amber. She’s a great model student and an obedient daughter. She’s strong when push comes to shove (in this case being Chelsea) and she has a pure heart. Like when no matter how many times Chelsea likes to push her down, Amber always finds it in herself for forgiveness. She’s one of the most kind characters I’ve ever read.

Chelsea was your typical high school mean girl. I liked the change she went though, but the progression of her change was a bit rushed at times. But there’s no denying that under her cold heart, there was one full of love, and she wanted to spread it with everyone—it was rather adorable.

A lot of other characters might seem a bit over emphasized, but it helped me understand their place in the story and their separate personalities. Though sometimes a few of the characters (mostly the girls who were mean) were a bit much. I understand posses and cliques, but the girls didn’t want to think for themselves, and acted as though they weren’t even capable of having their own thoughts. So they relied too much on a leader to think for them.

The whole book was 3rd person omniscient, which meant that you could understand what every character was thinking no matter what. But sometimes the POV would switch unexpectedly, and it was hard to tell who was the one that was telling the story. It wasn’t something to be concerned over, it was just a thing that I noticed. (This only happened once or twice for me.)

I really enjoyed the take in this book. Also it was a story that easily stuck with me. Overall, this book was pretty good, and I hope that you can enjoy it too!

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️


**I have been given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

TITLE: Twisted Faith

AUTHOR: Victoria Schwimley

PUB. DATE: August 11, 2014

WHERE TO BUY: Amazon, Barns & NobleKobo


Twisted FaithPastor David Owens came to New Hope Christian church expecting to revive a flailing congregation. What he got instead was just a building filled with grumbling, gossiping people. Then one night, as he’s locking up to go home, he receives a desperate call from a young woman in the parking lot. Abigail Stein is seventeen and an unwed mother. Persecuted by religiously fanatical parents, Abby is on the verge of killing herself-along with her baby. David turns to God for guidance, calling on all his training to save the lives of this young woman and her child. Is it enough? Can David help her see the strength of God’s love before it’s too late?

Review: This was amazing!

I loved the writing style, it was very detailed! The POVs switched around from David to Abby, and both are very emotional and awestricking to read.

The story and plot plot was very captivating, I was able to finish the book in a day. I found myself wanting more with each page, and sympathizing with Abby the further in the book I got.

Abby is very strong indeed. Her family gives her constant trouble, either controlling or abusive, and she allows herself to keep her head held high. I admired her when she was able to endure all the things her family threw at her. It was heartbreaking to read how much her family mistreated her. She was able to have some friends, but they didn’t seem all that supportive to me. The only person who cared about her story was the person who answered her distress call, David.

I’ve got to hand it to him. He really outdone himself with searching for people who could possibly help Abby. He had his people running all over the place just to track one decent person in Abby’s past that could help her. He was also a constant rock to Abby as she poured out her story to him.

The ending was a thrill! It made me happy that Abby sought out help from David, and chose the right thing to do. She made me proud at that moment. 🙂

Overall, this was a very great read, I highly enjoyed it!

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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