Review: The Sun Is Also a Star


The Sun Is Also a Star: Natasha doesn’t believe in love at first site. Or dreams for that matter. She understands the chemistry of falling in love, but other than that she has no interest in it. Not today of all days. Because this is the day everything will change. This is the day she’s being deported back to Jamaica.

Daniel has always (somewhat) listened to his parents. He’s never been in love before, but when he sees a cute girl in pink headphones he starts to believe in it. Even when the universe is screaming that it won’t work out, that his parents nor brother will ever accept her, Daniel still goes out of his way to meet the girl dancing to her own beats. He can’t help it, he’s mesmerized.

Everything that has happened today has been in preparation for these two to meet. Even though it might just be the last day they have together, Natasha and Daniel will show the universe to notice them. And maybe if it does, it’ll let them stay together.

Review: I loved this book!

First of all, I’d like to say that I loved both characters. There was not one POV that I favored over the other. Both Natasha and Daniel were equally adorable and funny in their own way. I also enjoyed reading all the other POVs that were incorporated in the book, they all had their own story around Nat and Daniel’s.

A lot of reviews have mentioned that the book wasn’t practical. That love within a day was a bit absurd. But that wasn’t my main focus when reading this book. I found it very inspirational instead. Each character was connected to each other, like pins on a web. (The cover photo looks like it represents this idea. It looks like pinpoints connected together, like how everyone was connected in the book. The threads fan outward to show the many outcomes, and run into each other to show people interacting.) The book makes you think that maybe people really are connected to each other’s outcomes.

Natasha was the more practical and scientific mind of the book. She didn’t believe in fate or true love. But she couldn’t deny that all the coincidences that occurred on a particular day lead to her meeting Daniel. She really blossoms throughout the books and I enjoyed seeing her views on how the world works change.

If Nat was the realist, Daniel was the optimist. He wants to break out of the mold his parents set out for him. He hopes that there is more to the world then just random occurrences. That everything is supposedly planned out. His character was very entertaining to read, and I had a fun time following his ideas. (A ponytailed poet indeed.)

To conclude, I recommend this book to everyone! I think you should at least give it a try. It was very addicting and emotional for me and I hope you find it the same way too.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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