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What Light: Sierra lives in Oregon, but she goes back to California each Christmas to sell trees from her family’s tree lot. The lot has been in Sierra’s family for a long time, and it feels like her second home. Only, this may be the last time she’ll ever see it again.

When she goes back for possibly the last time, she meets Caleb. He’s gentle and sweet, but Sierra keeps hearing gossip going around the town about his past. Whatever Caleb went through when he was younger, he is still able to feel guilty about it everyday. Sierra learns to see past his flaws and starts to make Caleb feel accepted again, if only for what little time they have left together.

Review: This book almost got me out of my book slump!

It’s so sweet, especially the ending. (Not going to tell you, haha.) Sierra and Caleb fit like a glove together! Caleb teases Sierra about her extensive vocabulary, and she his hair. They have an easy nature with each other and rarely fight (just once, but it was quick). They make a cute couple because Sierra seems to really understand Caleb and his mistakes. She tries to turn his life back around by changing other people’s opinions about him. And in return he’s making Sierra’s last Christmas in the lot extra special.

Sierra was a good character. She’s a bit fierce, haha. She stands up to those who have fixed opinions on Caleb and speaks up for him too. She’s smart about her decision making; her parents trust her wholeheartedly. Plus she’s considerate towards Caleb and her friends.

I loved the setting! Especially for this time of year! It helped that it’s almost Christmas.

And I loved all of Sierra’s friends too! Like Heather, Elizabeth, Abby, and Rachel. They all added to the Christmas spirit and they were just fun characters to read. They all are really great friends to each other and I loved reading the dynamic between them and Sierra.

Overall, I recommend this book for all your holiday needs!! 😀

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5

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