Review: How To Keep Rolling After A Fall


How to Keep Rolling After a Fall: One little snapshot of a former classmate, one little post, one little deed, can affect her entire future.

Nikki Baylor is well known as a bully, but that’s not her whole story. After having a sleepover with her friends and after her crazy party, Nikki finds her laptop open to her Facebook account. And on it are some pretty personal pictures of her classmate Taylor. She takes the wrap for posting the pictures, but even if she never truly posted them, she is still a silent witness to the whole account.

Branded as a bully, her former “friends” abandon her. It doesn’t stop there, she also gets expelled from her old school, and her used-to-be-nice relationship with her parents is now in pieces. The only person who shows her the most amount of kindness is Pax, a wheelchair rugby player. From him, she learns about the truth of second chances, and also learns what it means to be loved again.

Review: The whole book was very uplifting, there are a bunch of moments that get to you right in the feels, and a few others that make you crack a smile.

I liked the perspective of the bully and not the victim, the book shows that it’s not easy for both sides. Yes, the victim is where it’s at, but after reading about Nikki, you see that she gets the equal amount of crap a victim can. People are always rude, and their actions can turn on others.

Nikki was a nice enough character. I liked her, I really did, but sometimes she doesn’t make the best decisions and that irks me a bit. She also talks like she isn’t to blame sometimes, not for the bullying, but her situation with Pax. There is a moment in the book when they argue, and after Nikki talks about Pax being unreasonable. I admit, Pax was a bit dramatic at that part, but he was also being realistic and Nikki didn’t see that. But it all works out and it was fine later.

I still don’t like how Nikki’s former friends got of scot-free. The book briefly introduces them all, but they never make a long enough appearance, or impact during the whole time Nikki was dealing with her issues. I think there should be a novella in order. 🙂 Also, Karole Cozzo did a good job showing all of the flawed characters, as was her goal. It was nice in a way, that not everyone was perfect. You got to see them, especially Nikki, make their own choices and follow their own path.

Overall, this was a great read! I know now why they call it swoon worthy. 😀 If you decide to ever read it, I hope you like it!

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

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