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Emerge: All humans know the tale of The Little Mermaid, but Disney just sugarcoats the ending for you. Hans Christian Andersen is almost right, but his information just is a little fuzzy. You see, the Little Mermaid did save a sailor, aka the prince, from drowning, and she did end up trading her voice for legs. However, when she wasn’t able to kill the prince with her obsidian dagger like she was supposed to, she threw it in the ocean, cursing all of us Mer to lose our immortality forever. This caused war to break out Below, and the environment became dangerous to live in. Plus, I’m a distant relative of the Little Mermaid, so the other Mer aren’t as taken to my family as much and we were forced to live among humans.

Aaaand, that’s were my story starts. Well, not really. It starts off with my mega crush on this one human, but we don’t need to go into details just yet. Just know that there’s another girl, Mel, who’s not only dangerous, but also manipulative. She has a secret, and I’m on to her, but I need to watch myself. If she exposes Mer to the humans, it’s going to cause havoc on land and on sea. For now, I’ll watch her from a safe distance, but I have a feeling that she’s watching me too.

Review: I really expected a bit more from this, it’s not a bad book, I enjoyed it but there were some key points that didn’t agree with me. Like the attitude of Lia. She’s nice, and I know she has a good heart and all, but she’s so hooked (not a pun) up on Clay that it becomes annoying now and then. Plus, I had my own ship, Caspian X Lia. Though I found myself not agreeing with her a few times, most of the time she seemed pretty controlled. My respect for her just amplifies towards the end, she has come a long way throughout the book. I hope if you read it, you’ll give her a chance!

However, Clay tended to annoy me a few times. He would be all nice and sweet, and he is nice and sweet, but there are times when he seemed to rely on Lia a bit too much. He was also filled with cheesy remarks that could make someone roll their eyes. But once you look back, he wasn’t all that bad.

So many puns. Not really puns, but there are fish related remarks contained in this book. Hope you can handle it! 😀 (I mean this in a good way, don’t worry.)

The concept was good. The story repeats after The Little Mermaid, and I had fun reading it. It was really cute at times, too. The love concept was a bit lost on me. I’m fine with destined love and all, but it seemed a bit cliché at certain points of the book. But those are only a few brief spots. Overall, the plot mixed well with the book, and the concept was highly enjoyable.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

More: First time I wrote a synopsis in the voice of the main character! That was fun, I hoped you at least got a bit of her personality in it. 🙂 If you want to see more Tobie Easton, then click here! If you’ve read the book, tell me in the comments below. If you liked this review and want others like it then I insist that you click the Like and Follow button! For now that’s it, bye!

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