Buddy Read Review with Jasmine: Girl Online


I have buddy read Girl Online with Jasmine @ How Useful It Is.

Girl Online: Penny Porter deals with life, boys, and friend drama everyday. Every teen has the need to be heard, and through her blog, Penny can be herself and express her feelings to her readers.

However, she’s going to conquer new ground when her parents unexpectedly spring a trip to New York for Christmas. So when an embarrassing viral video of Penny goes out, she sees it as a good time away from the internet and packs her bags for America.

Only, she meets Noah. He’s everything she could ever ask for and more: accepting, sweet, funny. He takes her on mystery trips and makes her feel like she’s loved for the first time. But Noah also carries a secret about himself. One that will impact Penny greatly when she uncovers the truth.

Our thoughts:

Icebreaker: Very! I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to, which I didn’t! I loved every aspect about this book and the adventure that Penny had. I practically ate it all up!

Jasmine: I really like reading this book. It’s full of humor and warm fuzzy feelings inside. It’s sweet and I couldn’t put down.

Icebreaker: This title goes out to Bella, Noah’s sister who one my heart!

Jasmine: I like Elliot. He’s a great friend and he’s so good with words. He’s the best friend everyone want to have.

Icebreaker: Most definitely! I look forward to reading this again, and continuing the series!

Jasmine: Yes, definitely. I like how cute it is!

Icebreker Review: Gah! This book was amazing!
Penny is such a great character! She’s funny and brave, but also really sensitive. I found her very relatable with her take on life, drama, and blogging. Her posts are so inspirational and heartfelt, and she gives wise advise to all of her readers. The only thing I struggled with was that fact that she acted like she was running from her problems by going to America, not facing them.

This leads to Megan. Every book has its mean girl, and Megan is her. She acts rude towards Penny constantly, and always brings her down. Her actions left me breathless, because I found myself very upset by her. But the story wouldn’t go on without her input, and we need a story!

Noah! Who wouldn’t live this guy? He’s so supportive and accepting towards Penny that my heart cracked with all the feels! These two are the most adorable couple that I’ve ever read!

I loved this book! Especially the end, which is the most heartwarming and breaking thing I’ve ever read! I’m still experiencing this book even though I’ve finished it! The feels!!

Overall, I highly, extremely, positively recommend this book to everyone! I sure will have fun continuing the series!

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟.75

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