Eleanor & Park: What would’ve happened if Park never made Eleanor sit in his seat that first day of school? What if he never started talking to her, would it have hurt less in the end? What if…

If Park never shared his seat he wouldn’t have found someone to talk to about his comics or his music. If he never talked to her at all it would have killed him, and saved him. If Eleanor wasn’t who she was, what she was, they just might have worked out. It seems that the circumstances are not in their favor. They might not have the time to be together, but they’ll go down with a bang. And that’s enough for now.

Review: This is the most heartbreaking book that I have ever read. I loved it.

The characters are flawed, but it just makes them even more beautiful, and their story more dramatic. They have each other and that’s all that really mattered to them. People could judge them all they wanted, but they were still together. Park is soft where Eleanor is weird. She is unique while he is strange. These two didn’t really seem to like each other at all the first time they met, but they have more in common then most people would think.

The plot was great. It might not be action based, or world changing, but their story was incredible. At first, I was skeptical about this book. Who would want to read a book if they already knew, from the first page, that it was going to end sadly? Now, I’ve come to know the characters and see how they struggle with life, and it was just like a punch in the heart. This truly was the saddest book I’ll probably ever read, but it was also redeeming.

The ending was the most confusing thing ever. I tried to look up the meaning of the ending, but Google didn’t help much. I can’t really say how the book ends without spoiling it, so I’ll try my best to not give anything away. Park and Eleanor have been though, what it would seem like, everything life threw at them. You’d think that they could even overcome the world if it happened to end. However, the ending was really, just, emotional. They each change, for the better, but you never want to let them go. The reader wants them to forever be fine, to grow old together, to live their lives with each other. It was really hard to read the last few chapters because you start to care for these two and you want them to be fine even when their not.

Overall, this book really opened my mind up a lot. I saw each of the characters in a new light (thanks to Google) (I did find something). This is not your typical, star-crossed, gooey read. This book had real world problems, and it breaks your heart with every page.


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