Movie Review: Doctor Strange

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Little bit about the movie: Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon, survives a car crash that leaves his hands almost paralyzed. Upset by this outcome, he undergoes seven different operations to revive the life to his hands. When they don’t seem to get any better, he hears of a man who suffered an injury to his spinal cord. The man was said to never move his legs again, but yet he walks, fully healed. After hunting him down and retrieving information on why he is healed, Stephen goes in search of a powerful being called the Ancient One in hopes that she can heal him again. However, he is caught in a war of time, and after the events that unfold, he must be the one to stop the Earth from being plunged into an eternal darkness.

Music: I barely heard the music because I was so drawn into the movie! But from what I heard, it really blended well with the scenes, and it was fantastic! A bit of punk (like a milder version of Iron Man’s music) mixed in with a lot of instrumental, and something with a sitar for that cultural effect in scenes where Cumberbatch was traveling the world.

Action scenes: There was one time where I thought that the actions were too much, but overall they were spectacular. The training and work put in for all the stunts was amazing, and it was so graphic that I sometimes had to turn away. But I couldn’t or else I’d miss all the good stuff. πŸ™‚

Script: LOTS OF SASS! Ben, you’re letting your Sherlock show. Haha! It was a great script, the lines are hilarious and to the point as well. I loved all the egotistical, sassy remarks from Stephen because they should be on memes. It was phenomenal, I’ll give you that.

Characters: I screamed from fangirling so many times during this movie. I loved them all, I ship a few, and they get the story going in the best way. You got Stephen, and arrogant, prideful man who hates failure. He acts a lot like Iron Man in my opinion mixed with Sherlock’s need to always show off. He has a heart however, and his character changes when he realizes the world is not like he imagined. Mordo is a man afraid of bending the laws of nature, he has a way of thinking that if you change the way nature is, then you will receive consequences for your actions. He doesn’t really change, and because of this he will be in the next movie creating mayhem, I believe. Wong is that bad-A, awesome person who you don’t want to mess with. His character is hilarious because he likes talking back to Stephen and puts him in his place. The Ancient One is the leader of all things mystic, she’s the sorcerer supreme. She is incredibly wise and teaches Stephen to open his mind to what he can’t prove. However, she is still human and makes mistakes, but they’re not entirely mistakes. She does what she has to, to continue to protect the world. These character are guardians of all things mystical while the Avengers protect the physical.

Plot: This was a very fast paced movie. It takes you into the “before Stephen” where you see him at his peak. He is an amazing surgeon who saves people’s lives, but he shows off too much and that’s his problem. You get to see the “after Stephen” where you see him struggle with his hands and start to break down. He soon looses his hope but then regains it after hearing about the man with the spinal injury. That’s when you start to see the becoming of a great man who would do anything to prevent lives from being taken. And the story itself is great, Marvel knows how to repeatedly save the world while making it look awesome while doing it.

Overall Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

More: This is a must see movie if you’re part of the Marvel fandom and/or Cumberbatch fan! I loved everything, and I fangirled one too many times. I originally went to see this movie today with a bunch of my friends and we dressed as Sherlock characters. I mean, why not? It was a really great movie, and there are a few cameos that I hope you’ll enjoy! And stay for the end of the credits, there are two clips.

Note: Be sure to tune into Saturday Night Live tonight at 10:30 central, 11:30 eastern! Benedict Cumberbatch is the host!


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  1. OMG I was actually debating about going to see this movie since the trailer seemed a bit odd to me lol Is it really that good? I mean I felt kinda iffy when I saw the Antman trailer but when I saw the actual movie, I freakin LOVED IT. I mean its MARVEL so I am pretty sure it must be good. Thank you for this review! πŸ™‚

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