The Clockwork Scarab


The Clockwork Scarab: It’s 1889, and Mina Holmes and Evaline Stocker both are willing to live up to their families’ businesses. Mina is looking forward to her first case in which she can prove that her deductive reasoning is as good as any man’s. Evaline hopes to overcome her past failures in vampire hunting with the case she’s been presented with by Miss Adler. The case? Solve the murder of one girl. This seems easy enough until one murder turns into a whole string of them, each of a girl around sixteen years of age with incredible wealth or importance. Plus, there are two mysterious boys running the streets, one who seems well informed of the supposed serial killer, and one who looks completely out of his time. These two girls must learn to look past their various differences and work together to solve the mystery.

Review: This was full of steampunk, I loved it! This book was just brilliant! The deductions were spot on, the action scenes were greatly choreographed, the mindset of the mystery had me on the edge of my seat, and all this timey-wimey stuff left me fangirling for ages! I loved the characters so much! My favorite was Dylan, he turned into a complete fanboy when meeting Sherlock and Watson, and had a silent fanboy moment with Bram (we all have silent fangirl/boy moments). Plus, I just love his modernness compared to the historical setting. It’s like a, “What would our founding fathers think of us today?” Kind of moment. “How would they perceive our clothing, our technology, our slang?” Wonder how they react if we just dabbed at them, haha. *Dab* No but really, I like it when the past meets the present, I get all fangirlly. (However, I don’t like it when the future meets the present, I don’t know why really.) There is special cameos from famous people as well, hope you can contain yourself. I really enjoyed the concept of this book, and the plot itself was very well thought out. Overall, this here is 4.5/5! (It’s a 4 on Goodreads, they don’t do half stars.)

More: That’s all for now. If you have read this book, tell me what you think in the comments below. Want more books from Colleen Gleason? Check out her site here. Remember to Like and Follow, and I’ll be back again sometime later. Bye!


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    1. Oh definitely! I fell in love with the first book, it’s hard to just abandon it, haha. You’re welcome for the follow by the way! I’m also glad you liked the book too, no one has read it before and it’s crazy! This book deserves a lot of hype. πŸ˜€

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