The Trouble with Destiny


The Trouble with Destiny: Band means everything to Liza. It’s where her friends are, and the band is one great, big family! But after learning of the budget cuts her school is going to make for the transportation and the instruments for the band, Liza goes out of her way to earn back the money. Aboard the Destiny is her last hope to keep the band together. The Destiny is hosting an all performing arts competition for a grand prize of $25,000. But no matter how much Liza tries to win, there’s always a disaster around the corner waiting for her to screw up.

Review: (Contains small spoilers, depend on how you view it.) 2.5 stars. The characters were very annoying. Ahem, well, character. Liza. She treats some people like crap (*cough cough* Russ *cough*), is very bad under pressure (but so am I so…), is constantly hung up over some guy — who isn’t really all great (he’s the Tamlin of this book… If you know mean). And plus, she results to shouting and criticizing her friends a bit too often and jumps to conclusions. But eventually, she becomes a better person at the end, even though it’s too little too late for me. Plus, she’s so blind (in the mind)! Liza keeps going out of her way and keeps embarrassing herself for a guy who is a waste of her time, really, and completely ignores the other guy, Russ, who is not as bad as she makes him out to be. She calls Russ dumb every now and then too, which irks me.

This was a quick read, not very challenging. Even if I had some character trouble, I really liked the concept of the book. I’m in marching band myself, and I liked all of the music choices they played in the story and the fun behind the band members. Band, to me, really is one big family, so I understand why Liza wants to keep it going. But I still feel like she can still keep her friends outside of the band room. I also found myself agreeing with the different personality types of each instrument section, it’s very accurate! ☺ Except in our flutes are the ones who keep holding everyone back. I am a flute, I am that person, ha.

The world/setting building and structure was a bit poor, but I could still follow along. The outcomes were very predicable too. I could see something way before it will happen, but the only thing that was unpredictable was Liza. This is a compliment, she surprised me a lot in the story with her choices. Bad as they might have been, I know her intentions weren’t really to harm anyone, she was just trying to help. I think.

Overall, it wasn’t the best book ever, because I still had some issues with it, but it wasn’t totally horrible either. The cover really drew me in, it’s just so pretty. Plus, I found myself enjoying the book towards the end, and I loved all the references to some of my fandom songs too.

More: What did you think of this review? I actually added paragraphs this time, wow. If you liked it then please, by all means, press that Like and Follow button. I don’t expect you all to agree with me, if you’ve read this book and loved it that’s totally cool! This is just my rant of a review. If you want to give this book and any others by Lauren Morrill a try, then click here. This book may not have been my favorite, but I’m still going to continue to read works from this author. 😀 That’s it for now, bye!!!


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