Shiver: There is only the cold, it builds up and consumes all warmth and hope. The cold is what Grace remembers the day she was attacked by wolves, the cold and those strange golden eyes. Those eyes have been watching over her silently for years. And she has been watching them too, from the comfort of her backyard. She’s had dreams in which she could run away with those yellow eyes, she always found comfort in them. Grace has always felt she was part of the woods, and felt as though she belonged with the animals inside them— but mostly the wolves. They were always just wolves to her, and her own little obsession on her wolf was just an obsession. But those woods are hiding something that could change Grace’s world entirely.

Review: OH. MY. GOSH. YAS! I’d be lying if I said I fell in love with this at first glance, it was the time before I read any Steifvator books. But I gave this a chance after I read The Raven Cycle series, and now I’m in love with it! I just love all the characters!! Sam is a delicate person, Grace is full of witty comments, Isabel’s sassiness is hilarious, and Olivia’s heart is sweet! How can you not love this gang of weirdos?? (I meant that in the good way.) The idea was great, I never considered that the cold makes werewolves turn, I learned something. The plot might seem a bit scattered, it did to me a bit (lots of stuff happening, I can’t say though), but really the main focus was the relationship between Grace and Sam, not the other stuff. Though the other stuff was interesting too. I don’t have too much to say about this book because it took a LONG time to read because I had no time to read it. And I may or may not have been so scatter-brained with a bunch of other stuff that I forgot to mentally take notes. But if you want my overall grade, it’s a 4! Sorry this review was short!!

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