Fire: The Dells is in a state of unrest. The young King Nash and his royal family are battling the lords of the north who wish to overtake the thrown. Battles and death are breaking loose, and the royals need someone to turn to for help. Somewhere in the forests lives Lady Fire. The last human monster of her kind, who can read the minds of humans, and she has been exposed to men and women alike who either hate her, or love her too much. In hiding, Fire stays on Archer’s estate, with the man who is like a father to her, and the friend who means the world to her. But something is disturbing her home, a lone archer with spectacular aim. Fire feels the disturbance as soon as some of the guards’ bodies show up with protruding arrows. Confused, she goes to seek for help from an old royal and friend, the Queen. On her way, she meets the king and the prince themselves, and is later brought to the King’s City by Prince Brigan, in search of her archer fiend. However, Fire is now participating in the battles of her kingdom, and the battles of her own heart. But can she use her power of influence to not become the monster her father was?

Review: You never fail to amaze me Cashore. Sure, there were some dull parts in the book, I wanted things to speed up a bit, but I found it enjoyable and emotional all the same. For me, the best thing this book did was swear by rocks. Seriously, “My rocks!” and “By the rocks!” 😀 Hehe, I loved that, very creative, lol. And the characters! These books always draw me in because of all the great characters inside of them. Fire is a very patient person, she’s been through people’s cruelty and been smothered by them, and in the end she can still find peace to forgive them. And she’s also fierce as well, sticking up for herself and all. Hunting and killing. And also playing the manipulative monster toward the enemy. She just earned some serious brownie points, just saying. Plus I love all the love in this book. Not that romancy stuff, yes I liked that too, but all the sibling and family love in this. The royals are a tight knit group of family, they laugh and joke around (like Prince Po’s family did), they have drama and all that jazz too. And Fire just comes in with her golden heart and all the love just breaks loose (this is later). I’m not spoiling this book for you am I? The plot was straight, although admittedly slow paced. Nothing too notable on how the characters acted towards each other, well other than the horse thing which I also found cute. They bonded through horses. Yes, I kid you not. Seriously, am I spoiling this for any of you, I feel like I am. Overall, this was really great, although this is the second book (technically) I would want you to read this before Graceling just because this is the prequel.

More: That’s it for now, if you want to check out Kristen Cashore’s site, click here now. 😀 And any of you lovelies out there like my site or this post, you can go right ahead and Like and Follow below. I’m hoping to get my hands on Bitterblue, it’s one of my next anticipated reads at the moment, but I have another pile of books to get through first. I’ll swing by later, have a great weekend!


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