Illuminae: Apparently, breaking up with your boyfriend is nothing compared to the sky, literally, falling. BeiTech, a megacorperation, invades Kerenza and reeks havoc upon it’s citizens, and ensures pursuit to the rescue ships fleeing the planet. Kady, reluctantly, saves Ezra, and the two are separated in different ships and solving their own problems onboard. However the battle is just getting started. Some of the civilians are feeling odd, but nothing to worry about, pretty sure it’s just fear that’s making them shake uncontrollably. Or what about the AI? Hmm, probably just a bug, there’s no reason for a computer to want to harm the only beings it’s sworn to protect. Plus, what’s really going on in the Alexander, is anything that the General over there says is the truth? Kady and Ezra, separated as they are, are united it the one thing that truly matters at the moment: their survival.

Review: WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH IN LOVE I AM WITH THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW! πŸ˜› THIS IS ONE OF MY NEW FAVORITES!!!! This book is mega-beautiful! Not just the words, but the pictures!! I love all the pictures!!! [Insert funny Joke here] Haha. The writing really is beautiful. At first I thought that the files would be all jumbled around and confusing, but they each have a significance of there own in the story, and it’s that organization that I’ve grown to love. Now let’s talk about the action! OH YES, KADY IS SUPER BAD-A THAT SHE OUTRANKS EVERYONE IN THIS BOOK! She overcomes all the odds, every single one of them. I mean, how could she still be alive after all that? She’s a tech savvy person, so of course she’s a genius. I also love her wit; she and Ezra really are made for each other, ha. Call me crazy, but I also liked AIDAN even if he’s a looney bird. The world building was amazing, and surprisingly detailed. Very detailed. Me likey. πŸ™‚ Plot was outstanding! I really don’t like sci-fi a lot, so that came out as a shock when I loved it. Just so you know, sci-fi or not, I loved it!

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