The Statistical Probability of Love at First Site


The Statistical Probability of Love at First Site: Four minutes may not seem like much, but four minutes was all it took for Hadley to miss her flight, changing her world entirely. It’s not like she was really trying to be on time for it anyway. Sure, her tardiness would put a damper on her father’s wedding, but she’d gladly avoid seeing her father remarry a total stranger when it seems like he’s already a thousand miles away. But if she made those four minutes she wouldn’t have met Oliver, who’s making her ruined world whole again. Though she’s only with him for one plane ride, which gives her another reason to dread the landing.

Review: 4/5 it made me cry! This was such a sweet and light read, and it had many mushy moments that I enjoyed. The plot is good, though all these couple books are slightly the same as the last, I still found somethings that were entirely original. The writing was easy to read, I finished this in my 2 day reading period, yay! I liked the easy way that Hadley and Oliver spoke to each other, a lot of inside jokes were formed. Unlike a few of Smith’s other books, the book was in Hadley’s perspective the whole time, it never switched POVs. But it didn’t really need to, so there is no complaint there. (The book is 3rd person by the way.) The father-daughter prospect!!! Ah, feels. This is where I always cry in a book, when something occurs between the parents and the child. I don’t know, these things just always hit me in the heart. That part of the story was great, it really was. The whole book in general was amazing, I really liked it.

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