Jackaby: The year is 1892, and Abigail Rook is looking for a job and a place to stay in New Fiddleham, New England. When she runs into a madman detective, she tries her best to apply for the job as his assistant. R. F. Jackaby has a sort of reputation around him. Chasing after fairy tales, and seeing the impossible; Abigail, however, is drawn to the adventure that this detective brings along with him. With proper murders in order, the two set out to find the killer, who is suspected to not be entirely human. Along with the attractive junior detective, Charlie Cane, the three go after creatures that not even the human mind can imagine up!

Review: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! “Doctor Who and Sherlock…”!!! Jackaby brings out this wonder to the story, and it’s very exciting and entertaining to see what he does next. He has the mind of the 12th/10th Doctor, along with the attitude. But he also has the cunning wit and job of the famous Sherlock Holmes. I loved the banter between Abigail and Jackaby, these two are really more like the Doctor and his companions more then they are Watson and Holmes. And I do ship Abigail and Charlie, how can you not? The story itself was brilliant! I actually uncovered the mystery before Jackaby did, hehe, I was so happy because I’ve never actually solved a case before but this book thinks what I think. I make no sense do I? The book made me extremely fangirly, let’s say that. And I may, or may not have read it out loud in an accent… The writing was very descriptive, my applause. Again, the dialogue was very hilarious, its all very sarcastic and full of funny nonsense (the frog, ducks, etc.), good nonsense! I always think every book needs a hint of madness in it to make it enjoyable. It was full of fantasy, with beasts and lore, so if y’all are I to that then this is the book for you!

More: Please Like and Follow below! And if you want more William Ritter then click here. I hope to read the next few books in the series, I really loved this one so I really am excited to read more! Sorry, but I mustn’t linger any longer, bye!