Falling Kingdoms


Falling Kingdoms: The land of Mytica is already at unrest; the three kingdoms, Limeros, Paelsia, and Auranos are all unstable as it is. Their hatred toward each other is enough to spur on a war.

Jonas is one of those people with a growing hate for the other kingdoms. When two uninvited royals murder his brother, Jonas can no longer watch his country go to ruin. He continues his late brother’s plans for a better future, one that may end in bloodshed.

Cleo, a royal who hasn’t lived a harsh day in her life, is frightened at Jonas’s threat for vengeance and makes no move to ever step foot in Paelsia ever again. But as illness befalls on her sister, Cleo must go on a search for an antidote, and the place where she must go is a place where she won’t be safe.

Magnus, Prince of Limeros, is a cold-hearted young man. Trying to appease his father, Magnus does everything that is commanded of him, even when his beloved sister is the main prospect of his duties.

Lucia, Princess of Limeros, has a dark secret that no one must ever find out about. She must wait and let the prophecy of her true power unfold before her. She is the key to save another world from destruction. But she seems to notice the trouble brewing inside her castle walls.

These four lives are intertwined with each other. Their destiny is set, their fate sealed. They can either bring peace once again to a land where it no longer exists, or they can destroy it and bring it to its knees.

Review: I was really busy when I read this and it sort of took all the excitement away, but I still really enjoyed the book and I hope to continue the series later. The books really made me question who to ship. There are so many ways that I can ship people, and I did, but the ending though! MY SHIPS SUNK! ALL OF THEM! So now I need to rethink them all again. A lot of action happens here: battles, PvP, and whatnot. It’s easy to be glued to the story because, even though I was in my reading slump, I still found the book pretty exciting. The writing is normal, not too advanced, not too terrible, it was average and detailed. Though I did feel that some of the adjectives used were a little exaggerated; I’m really sorry if this offends anyone, but I have to note those little details like that in here. The plot was amazing, I liked the concept. The book left at a little cliff-hanger, so I’m really interested in what happens next. I liked most of the characters. Cleo’s story was my favorite, she’s a very stubborn princess who speaks with a fiery tongue. I had to admire that. 😀 Overall, I really liked this book, and I really want to read the rest of the series when I have free time.

More: I have gotten some of your book recommendations, and I’ll do them soon, I’m just a bit busy, plus I borrowed a lot of books and I’ll go through those first. If you have read this book, and want to check out the others in the series (or is it a saga, I don’t really know) then click for the author’s website here. Sorry if my synopsis had spoilers in it, keep reading the book, I command you, haha! So Like and Follow my blog please; you have to, I said please. 🙂 And I’ll be back again soon, bye!

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