The Unexpected Everything


The Unexpected Everything: Andie had her life all figured out, and she set a few boundaries for herself: only date a guy for 3 weeks MAX, work on getting that premed, stay away from her workaholic father, and hang out with her friends as much as possible. But when her internship for The Young Scholars Program is revoked, she finds her summer calendar open and needs to do something about that, and fast. Now, Andie is stuck with her father at home, a bunch of dogs, and that cute guy who seems into her. Life used to be so easy, but the unexpected can also have its perks.

Review: How do people read books and not shed a single tear? What are you, Vulcans? This book has so many references both direct or indirect. I wrote them all down, but you don’t want to hear a random list of movies and what-not do you? Matson mostly mention a few fandoms (Doctor Who, Superman, etc.) and she also has a few guest appearances of the characters from Since You’ve Been Gone which I found pretty cool. I like authors that mention characters from their previous books, I like knowing what happened to them. 😀 I really liked this book! It did take me 4 days to finish it, which is a lot of time on a book for me. But I still liked it. The plot, to me, doesn’t entity revolve around Andie. There’s friend drama, and her dad’s work as a congressman, and there is bromance. Yes, there is bromance! The story is fully Andie’s but every now and then the spotlight will shine on someone else so it’s nice to know that they have something going on to that sort of reflects on the main character but is its own individual story. And the dogs!! You gotta love ’em. I am a cat person myself, but I like dogs too (I should know, I have one). Towards the end there was a lot going on and the feels were everywhere, somethings were called for and some weren’t, but that’s my own opinion. The writing was great, there were flashbacks and some insider information, just the little things that I noticed. There was so much relationship awkwardness at the beginning! I couldn’t handle the cute! There was also a great father-daughter relationship problem going on, I love those! They always make me cry! That’s why you can’t take me to a good movie nowadays (like The Intern). I’m just a sap for all of that stuff. So yeah, that’s all I have down in my notes. Did you read the book?

More: If you want more Morgan Matson action then click here! I really did like that book, any book that can make me cry at least deserves 4 stars! I hope you all liked this review, if you did then proceed the following with extreme caution: Like this post, Follow my blog. That’s all for now, Happy Friday!


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  1. I do cry when I read.. so, no I’m not Vulcans.. haha.. I haven’t read any books by Morgan Matson.. but if she mentioned characters from previous books then you would have to read them to know about them.. You sound excited that there’s bromance in this book haha..

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    1. Yeah, I’m always happy when there’s a bromance. There’s always something funny being said. I’m glad that I’m not alone in the crying department. 🙂 And I’d suggest to read Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, I think it’s her first one I’m not totally sure.

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