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So I was really bored last night.

Then I started watching one of the old James Bond movies, Goldfinger, which I have never seen before because I’ve never watched James Bond ever. So then I started thing of good book ideas revolving around Bond and I got “the writing bug”! So I wrote a little excerpt about Bond having a daughter and I also made her a spy. I want to write a whole story on this, but I don’t really know how I should continue it. So here it is.


        Midnight, the witching hour, or so they called it. The full moon casted a luminous glow over the ocean beyond, the ocean itself rolling quietly as if asleep. The rest of his surroundings were quiet as well: no birds calling for a late night snack, no belching of horns from nearby boats. There was only the soft splashes against the hard wooden docks, and nobody in plain sight. Around him were the crates producing fish from the fishermen’s daily catch and hauls of the rope that they left behind. The darkness blanketed the boy, making his appearance to be no more than a shadow.
        His movements were calculated, the harbor beneath him did not so much as groan as he made his way around the length of the path. The lightness of his feet and his nimble body would get him across the wooden platforms and toward the crates ahead. There he can finish the layout of his task, and slip away into nothingness. The boy thought all of this with every certainty that his plan will carry out smoothly, he would succeed and conquer, and was sure of it.
        The wind whipped the flag above his head, but he paid no heed towards it, he kept only his eye on the crates. What he saw, however, made him pause.
        “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to sneak around at night?” The voice came from the tall, elegant, dark body guarding the crates. The boy couldn’t see the girl’s face, as it was also masked by the darkness, but her voice had a hint of amusement in it that would have showed on her.
        “Too bad,” she fake pouted. “I would’ve pegged you for a mamma’s boy.”
        The boy sounded out a low growl, but the girl only laughed saying, “Oh, now. Don’t be like that! I bet a bunch of boys your age would just love to be in your position, just not like this.”
        At that, the girl flashed forward and grabbed at the boy’s wrists. He struggled only for a moment before grabbing her hands and spinning her around so that she would be in a complicated position. She twisted and thrashed under his arms and he smiled. Then she stomped onto his boot and his smile vanished into one of pain. He thrust his fist out, she easily parried and his hand met open air as she used her elbow as a blow on back of his head.
        He went down for a brief amount of time, but his right side was open and she took advantage of the moment. In a move so swift, she slashed her nails onto his side and punch him in the gut. When his head came up she kneed him in the groin and made another kick to his stomach.
        He fell down, as a satisfying thud sounded against the wood. The wind was still flitting and the area was quiet, but he sounded out a moan of pain as he was doubled over.
        The boy, catching his breath asked, “Who the heck are you?”
        The girl took a moment to stare at him. The moonlight catching her dark long hair, and her eyes shown with pleasure as she beheld her handy work. She moved her lithe body, her hips swaying slightly, to the abandoned crates.
        Opening one with both her hands, she peeked inside. The boy let out another moan of defeat as she slipped her hand inside the opened crate and produced a computer chip. The boy, now on his side, stared at her now darkened face and watched her put the chip into her breast pocket and patted it.
        She walked back and stood above the boy. Her face was still shrouded, but his no longer was. The moonlight caught at his features, his cheekbones, dark eyes and strong jaw. He was handsome, beautiful even, too bad he lost a fight to the girl. His hair was messed up from her beating him, and the girl could easily see the battle going on in his head. He has no weapons, she mused, he didn’t think he needed one, cute.
        The girl walked past him and continued on her way. The boy, now getting up with a grunt, looked at her retreating form at a loss for words.
        The girl turned to him and walked backwards, “The name is Bond. Amelia Bond.” She tipped her head as if she were greeting him for the first time, “It’s been a pleasure working with you.” With that, Amelia spun on her heels and gracefully hid away.
        The boy, now dumbfounded, stayed rooted to his spot. The only sound around him was the whisper of the girl’s name in the wind.

That’s all

That’s it, it’s really short. I’m hoping for some feedback on this, I want to fix it up a little. So yeah, I haven’t shared any of my writing skills on my blog before so I’m hoping you liked it. 🙂 I’ll run off now, bye!


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