The Girl at Midnight


The Girl at Midnight: Being a thief has its advantage. That’s how Echo met the Ala, by trying to pickpocket the strange Avicen. Ten years later, Echo is well introduced in their world, spending time with her friends in the Nest, and living among the humans in New York’s library. But that all changes once an old fairy tale, the firebird, starts to make its way in the rumors between both the Avicen and the Drakharin. The firebird is the gateway to peace in a war between differing peoples. As instructed by the Ala, Echo goes out to find this mythical creature on her own, trusting no one. However, a run-in with the Dragon Prince himself squashes all of that, so now Echo and her friends must team up with the enemy to bring peace to a war that’s been raging for hundreds of years.

Review: OMG. The. Feels. I can’t contain them all. I just can’t. I just want to say, I love this book! Now to me talking about how wonderful it is with some critiquing. I predicted most things, I can’t tell you what or else I’ll spoil the whole book for you, you silly willy. ☺ And I was partially annoyed with the changing POVs, but just slightly. Other than that, this is one one my new favorite books!! Though, I couldn’t help myself comparing all the characters of this book to all the characters from CoB, they were all so alike! (Dorian=Alec, Jasper=Magnus, Echo=Clary, Ivy=Simon, Caius=Jace) I can’t help it!!! I do recommend this book to TMI fans, I think y’all would love it. The writing was great, really, and I highly enjoyed how the characters interacted with each other. (Jasper all the way!) And Echo’s character was very funny, and thrilling; I liked all of the words she used to describe certain things, its like reading a very sarcastic dictionary who has a burrito obsession. I also can’t stop thinking about the burrito she was saving, I like burritos. Okay, before I mess this review up with more of my silly nonsense, I’d like to add that this is a captivating, adventure and action packed story that’s one of the best that I’ve read in awhile.

More: Check out Melissa Grey here! Thanks to all of you who read my blog, I hit 100 followers about a week ago and I just want to say how amazing you all are!! So now it’s the part where I promote my blog and say “Follow and Like” and I wait for you to do just that. ☺ Well, I’m heading off, thanks again to all of you lovely people aaaaaannnnndd, yeah! Bye!!

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