Captain America Civil War Book Tag!

captain america iron man chris evans civil war


I wasn’t tagged for this, but I found it on Donish @ Bookitwithdon and I just couldn’t resist! I’ve seen the movie and it was great! I’m an independent party with the whole, “What team are you on?” thing. I like both teams! Please don’t hate me! Tony Stark made a valid point, and I sorta agree that they should have the government control some of their missions. But I also like everyone on Steve’s team! I’m in a real pickle.

deal with it pun pickle

Hehe, I saw a yodeling pickle the other day, I spent some time annoying people by turning it on. 😀

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Tag anyone and everyone you want!

Team Captain America:

Captain America: Name a character who always does the right thing. (If you’re team Iron Man you can change this to ‘a character who is a ‘goodie two shoes’ or ‘mature good one in the group’)

captain america the avengers chris evanscaptain america the avengers chris evanscaptain america the avengers chris evans

Sydney Sage!!! She’s the “mom” of the group she was assigned to in Bloodlines. She would never break the rules, ever! She has to stay in line, or else there’d be consequences. I liked her goodie-goodie mien, but in order for the series to work she had to go against the alchemists a few times… but she’s still a very good-natured person all the same. I think i just answered this for both Iron Man and Cap’s side but I don’t care!

Falcon: A loyal character

marveledit civil war emma falcon sam wilson

Lucian from ACOTAR!!! Man, he is one loyal little cookie. I mean seriously. He’s so loyal that… I don’t actually know where this joke is leading to. Haha. But you get the picture.

Hawkeye: A character that is extremely good at something very specific

the avengers hawkeye budapest marvel mcuthe avengers jeremy renner hawkeye clint barton

Ronan Lynch from The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle #2). He’s gotten better at pulling out objects from his dreams. He might be a little cray cray, but he has a big heart and is very skilled with his gift.

Ant-Man: A character that’s just happy to tag along


Flicker/Riley from Zeroes. Like how Ant-Man is my favorite Avenger, Flicker is my favorite Zero! Flicker likes to tag along on missions a lot, and she is included in meetings.

Agent 13: A character you’re super nervous about

scarlett johansson captain america chris evans civil war black widow

Like nervous to be around? Someone like Isabelle Lightwood?

Winter Soldier: A character with really great positive character growth

Agent M Loves Gifs marvel captain america bye civil war

Oh my gersh Bucky!! How’ve ya been? Good, good. Yeah me too. 🙂 Geez Bucky, look at how heartbroken Cap is because of you! Tsk tsk. You’ve disappointed him Bucky, you’ve disappointed him. Well, you look good after seventy years, not a wrinkle in sight. How is that exactly? Oh forgot to mention, how’s your arm? Is it still bothering you? Haha Bucky you crack me up.

I say Captain from Unhooked has had the most positive character growth from my other books.

Scarlet Witch: A character that started out on the wrong side but ended up joining the team

elizabeth olsen quicksilver scarlet witch vision wanda maximoffavengers quicksilver scarlet witch

“He’s fast and she’s weird.” Sorry, I just had to incorporate Quicksilver with her. 🙂

Obviously Kendra from The Kendra Chronicles. She was the evil witch in Beastly. Then in Bewitched you get to know her story and that she’s not a bad person, she just misunderstood. Then in Mirrored she helps the main characters instead of putting some curse on someone… not including Violet whom she “helped”.

Bonus: Winter Soldier & Captain America: Two characters that have been friends for a long time:

captain america steve rogers bucky barnes the winter soldier stuckycaptain america steve rogers bucky barnes the winter soldier stucky

Even though I haven’t read the books, just watched the TV show like a lazy person, I still think Sherlock and John count! 🙂

sherlock sherlock holmes martin freeman john watson sherlock bbcsherlock sherlock holmes martin freeman john watson sherlock bbc"That was...the most stupid thing, I have ever done."

Team Iron Man:

Iron Man: A character that doesn’t seem to learn from their mistakes (*If you’re team Iron Man you can change this question to, ‘a character willing to stand up to his friends for what he believes in’ ^_^)

Tony to Steve: You just started a war.

Since I’m on both teams I’ll do ‘a character whose willing to stand up to his/her friends for what he/she believes in’ and ‘a character that won’t learn from his/her mistakes’.

A character that won’t learn from his/her mistakes: Can I just take a few moments to rant about Tamlin right now? (Oh, if you haven’t read ACOMAF yet just skip this, there are spoilers!) He just keeps Feyre like she’s a caged animal, keeps all these secrets from her, makes her play “dress-up” and thinks it’s best for her!  AND THEN he just sides with the antagonist and expects her to run into his arms and forgive him! No way. Nope. Yes, I am very mad at him at the moment, I blame Sarah J. Maas for all the book feels. AND THERE’S A LOT! *sobs* Rhysand is my favorite!

A character whose willing to stand up to his/her friends for what he/she believes in: Let’s all take a moment for Kalen (The Siren by Kiera Cass) for standing up to the Ocean for love. Okay, silence over, the next question if you please! 🙂

War Machine: A character that’s always showing off his “big guns.”

iron man 2 war machine

Oh, definitely Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Herondale, name depends on what book you’re on. 🙂

Black Widow: Bad-A female character that also has a soft side

Oh. My. Gosh. Celaena Sardothien! I’m currently reading TOG right now!!!

Black Panther: A character out for revenge

'Black Panther' in 'Captain America: Civil War' (2016)

Just to name a few… The Hunger Games‘s Katniss Everdeen, Nerve‘s Vee, Divergent‘s Tris, Flamecaster‘s Ash and Jenna, Shadow and Bone‘s Alina, ACOMAF’s inner circle, Red Queen‘s Mare, Slated‘s Kyla and there are others but I haven’t read them yet. 🙂

Vision: A character you are unsure about


Hmmm… I’d say Henry from The Crown. I mean he’s so sweet! But even if I shipped him and Eve a bit, I still shipped her with Erik.

Spider-Man: A character you were afraid just wasn’t going to fit in (*If you’re team Iron Man you can change this question to, ‘a character that made it a tad bit better ’ ^_^)

A character you were afraid just wasn’t going to fit in: Going with Wylie from Never Ever. On the island, she adjusted to the culture and food, but no matter how much she wanted to stay Wylie wasn’t really supposed to be there. I can’t say anymore or else I’ll spoil it!

A character that made it a tad better: MAGNUS BANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pepper Potts (she wasn’t in the movie? Missed her though): A character who uses their intelligence

scared robert downey jr tony stark iron man 3 pepper pots

Charlotte Holmes!! She’s a Holmes, observation is in her blood. She is another brilliant mind in the Sherlock family line!

Bonus: Captain America vs. Iron Man: You pick: Name two characters that started off as friends and are now enemies OR Name two characters that are on opposing sides that you want to work together

I’m doing two characters who are now enemies. Well I guess it’s obvious that Mare and Maven are rivals now.

That’s all

I’m tagging everyone to do this if they want to! My internet is terrible at the moment so my other pages aren’t loading. This is the only tag for this week that I can do, I have sort of a full schedule. But I have my Friday reviews ready for you! I’ll swing back in awhile, bye!


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