Seraphina: Seraphina Dombegh has kept a well guarded secret all her life. In a world that struggles for peace between different species, she must not let herself get too much of the spotlight. That is until a threat makes its way to Goredd. The treaty that binds dragon and human kind is tested, and an attempt to take important lives is at stake. Phina will need to learn how to trust others, and her newfound friends make the best alliance. She’ll need a plan, one that could save or destroy whatever peace is left.

Review: One, the extensive vocabulary. I’ve never even heard all these word before!! Either English is my worst subject, or all of these words are made up. I had to look various words up countlessly (seriously, whose ever heard of an “oud” before??)(its an instrument) and they are all real, so touché Hartman, well played. Second, the names. Very confusing, I looked back so many times because the names were so unfamiliar (except Seraphina and Lucian, I’ve heard of these names before) like Orka, Orma, Glisselda, Maurizio, etc. You can see the confusion. The ending was VERY ironic to say the least, but I love ironic endings. 🙂 War for peace, love for heartbreak; all of this was appealing to me. The writing, not including vocab, was very advanced; well, compared to what I’m used to. I couldn’t make as many connections to the plot however. “How does this go into here? Who’s death is going to stir up what?” Yeah, I realized that I should have been more focused now, I still am dumbfounded by what just happened. All negatives aside, I’m giving this 4 stars. It was deep, I’ll give you that, and semi okay, very emotional. I loved Phina’s attitude and I fell in love with Hartman’s characters, mainly Abdo (Fruit Bat) and Glisselda. Phina is one brave (or mad) character to voice and I really enjoyed some of her occasional humor. So, I’d say this book may not be for everyone, but give it a chance, you might find yourself enjoying it. 😀

More: Sorry for the short synopsis, like I said I still barely had any concept at the plot. But I’ll make it up to you in another review later. Like and Follow my blog, please! (I used the magic word so you have to do it!) And go check out more books by Rachel Hartman by clicking here. I’ll swing back later. In the meantime, stay lovely my friends!! (Imagine me saying that in my “The World’s Most Interesting Person” voice. Admit it, you’ve seen that guy on TV too!)

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  1. Thank you for such an interesting review. My copy of this book is sitting my my bed and this has reminded me that I need to get around to reading it.

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