The Book Love Tag (I Failed)

S1 Ep9 "Future Tense" - "Do you love him?" #Stitchers

AAAAAAAKKKKK! The feels of that gif… just hold on. Give me a minute. Okay, now I’m good.

Not Tagged But Here, OoOoOoO, A Speech!

Yes, I wasn’t tagged for this but check out Jill @ Rant and Rave About Books! This looks like a really fun tag, let’s do it!

(All images come from Pinterest)

#1 Your favorite book couple.

Will and Tessa (The Infernal Devices):

Wessa!!!!!!! I shipped Tessa and Will (TID) waaaaaaaaayyyyyy before I started shipping Tessa with Jem.

*Makes fangirling noises*

#2 Your top three book boy/girlfriends

  1.  Will Herondale (I have to)
  2. Adrian Ivashkov
  3. I can’t choose a third one b/c everyone else is from TV Fandoms

Pinterest as well! Haha!:

Sorry!! I couldn’t help it!!

#3 Imagine your favorite book couple. Who would propose, and how? (If there’s already been a proposal: who would be more into organizing the wedding?)

I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun with TID, b/c my favorite couple from that series does get married.  (I put a line through that if you didn’t want spoilers.) So if (when) the wedding happens, I’d like Magnus Bane to be in charge of decorations. It’s going to be a fabulous wedding! And I imagine Will and Tessa doing a simple Shadowhunter wedding ritual with few guests, and a big explosion thanks to one of Henry’s gifts. 🙂 So technically everyone would pitch in to organize it, even Jem because he’s Will best friend.

#4 Unpopular opinions time! Name a popular pairing you can’t stand.

I don’t know! I spent five minutes looking through all my ships and I couldn’t find one I absolutely hate! I know!!

I don’t really know! I like a lot of ships! I can’t sink them!

Here’s a random photo that explains my life perfectly:

Lmfao so true! One of the biggest fangirl problem is shipping a fictional character with another character and yourself:


#5 What’s your favorite and least favorite romance trope?

Hmm…. I like a lot of them too… I guess my only complaint is: just give them a happy ending. Sappy I know. Haha, I don’t really know either.

This tag is making me reevaluate my life!

Oh I know! It’s when the girl is doubting her relationship too much because she thinks she isn’t good enough. It makes me throw the book in the air and rant out loud. Buuuuuuuuuut…. then the guy will say something sweet that’ll probably be my next favorite quote.

Gosh this is hard! Okay, I don’t like the first part, the second part with the quote is always my favorite.

I don’t know, this question is making me use my brain too much, just enjoy this photo:

Emma Carstairs & Julian Blackthorn (Lady Midnight):

#6 Do you ship non-canon couples often? Name some if you do.

I believe I have, but it’s been so long so I can’t remember who.

No I can’t ship non-canon anymore, because it’s hard trying to match pairs together!

Plus, people will hate me breaking their other ships. The fangirl life is a very hard one.

For example, if I shipped Rose and Four (Divergent, Vampire Academy) nothing good is going to happen to me.

But you have to admit, it’s not a bad ship… *Get tomatoes thrown at me*… AHHHH! I take it back! I take it back!

Now that I’m thinking about it… I’m shipping Peeta and Mare! *Rotten eggs are thrown at me* Not this time!! *Hears angry dogs* Fine! Fine, I take it back! Just don’t let the dogs loose!

#7 Your opinion on love triangles. Go!

It depends on who’s in the triangle. Most love triangles are are very tense, like Julian, Emma, and Mark (at least it will be in the next book). Some are very sad/heartwarming/feels, like Will, Jem and Tessa. And some make you go “Nooooooo!!! Darn my human heart!” like Clary, Jace, and Simon.

Clary Fray // Tessa Gray // Emma Carstairs // The Infernal Devices // The Mortal Instruments // The Dark Artifices:

(Since I keep mentioning these characters over and over, I think it’s safe to say that Cassie  Clare has risen my expectations on love triangles, ships, and book boyfriends.)

#8 Favorite and least favorite love triangle?

Lemme hear it from you.

*Asks* “What’s my favorite love triangle?”

*Shouts back* “Will, Jem and Tessa!”

Reason I asked is because I mentioned them way too much in this one tag, and I think you’ve caught on.

My least favorite… *Considers answer for awhile* Hmmm.

I don’t know again, I’m bad at this.

lol!!!!! #shadowhunter:

I love both!

#9 Sometimes romance just isn’t the way to go. Favorite friendship?

Oh how I want to say Will and Jem! Meh! It’s Will and Jem! No one can compare!

*Another person asks* “What about Sherlock and John?”

*Me* “… Don’t ruin my thunder.”

Just Sherly Things:

# 10 What’s your favorite scene with your bookish OTP?

When any book I’ve ever read mentions Sherlock.

*Other person* “I think you have a problem.”

*Me* O-O “No, YOU have a problem!”

#11 Imagine your favorite book couple again. Who’s most excited about Valentine’s Day (either ironically or genuinely)?

Will obviously!

However if my favorite couple were Clace, I imagine Clary and Jace avoiding all things Valentine’s Day. Get it? Cause…

*A Scientific Guide to Effectively Saying No: *

*Me* “Okay.”

That’s it.

Whelp, I think I ruined this whole tag! I’m not going to tag anyone, so you can do this tag if you’d like. I think I failed.

You're gonna try and keep your cool even though you're ridiculously nervous and probably screaming inside.:



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  1. Ha! This was fun to read. I haven’t read TMI. Well, I read about 10% and still need to go back to it. I wanted to read TID. I heard you don’t need to read TMI first. There’s so many series I still need to read. I love that pic of your boyfriends. Lol. I’m the same way with some of my NA romance characters. And nice job adding a pic of Tom Hiddleston. 😍 Loki!!! I love him so much it’s crazy. When I found out he wasn’t in the second Avengers movie, I was so bummed. He’s such a good actor. It’s taking way too long for Thor 3. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Loki is the major draw to Thor for me. Everyone thinks I like the movies cause Thor is a hottie but nope, Loki is my love. 😍 I wear my Marvel shirts to the movies, too! Haha! Everyone tells me I’m a dork but I’m like whatever I’m fangirling. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

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