To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: Lara Jean has been in love five times and for every time she fell in love with a boy, she’d write him a letter. They always were a farewell, meaning every letter is a new closed door so she’d have no reason to fall in love again. Soon after her sister, Margot, leaves for collage in Switzerland Lara Jean finds out that her secret letters, aren’t secret anymore. Somehow all of those letters that she saved have been sent out to everybody she’d written to, including Margot’s ex-boyfriend Josh. The thing is… Lara Jean’s chapter on Josh isn’t quite over yet and in order for things to go back to normal, she starts out this fake relationship with someone she wrote a letter to. Only the other guy plays along with it.

Review: This book just gave me the warm fuzzies! I mean it’s such a cute story I had a hard time putting it down. Lara Jean does remind me of myself a bit. However, she’s sixteen years old and the narration makes her sound a lot more childlike. Some of the scenes in the beginning were amazing, mostly when Lara spent time with her sister, Margot. Towards the end you see how the relationship between the three sisters change, where the younger sisters point out that they can take care of themselves without Margot and its kind of this conclusion to the family plot of the story. Now for the love plot! Okay, okay. I’m quite a sucker for teen romance, how can I not be? The whole thing is sorta like a coming to terms story, where you learn who you love and how you love them: like a brother or not. It’s all really sweet in a way, and the scenes with Peter, to me, are a bit more amusing. I really liked this book which surprised me because I didn’t really think much of it before, but I’ve heard so many good reviews about this book that you’ll have to add mine to the list. 😀
More: If you liked this book and many others by Jenny Han, them visit her site here! Oh, and shout out to my friend who lent me her copy of this book, thanks for the great story! Now, do I need to remind y’all to Like and Follow? Should I bring the stick out again? *wiggles eyebrows (I can’t really do this but let’s imagine for a sec that I can.)* Ha! Okay, well “live long and prosper” my fellow bookworms!

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