A Study In Charlotte


A Study In Charlotte: Jamie Watson, yes that Watson, finds himself in a school he hates, playing a game called rugby which he also dislikes, and in a country he doesn’t call home. Connecticut is where his father and his step family belong, as well as the famous Charlotte Holmes. Jamie and Charlotte don’t hit it off well at first, but who could blame them? Their family drifted apart for a bit, and Jamie doesn’t really expect that he’ll be associating with one of the Holmeses at all. Then tragedy strikes a student who is found dead, and everyone starts to blame the duo for the crime. Holmes and Watson start by clearing their names, and try to investigate the scene. But all fingers point to them, as more students fall ill fated at the recreation of Dr. Watson’s old tales. Holmes and Watson must find out who’s framing them, and in order to do that they must learn to trust each other.

Review: I guess you could say that I’m CharLOCKED hahaha. First of all, the narrative is very detailed and precise with wording— writing like this makes me appreciate the book even more. I loved how accurate Charlotte and Jamie are portrayed like the original Sherlock and John. They show characteristics of their beloved ancestors, but are completely unique in their own way. Next, the deductions. Oh how I love these! I don’t know how Holmes can do these, it’s like all these facts and words spill out of her mouth and there’s a brilliance to it all. I’m more like Jamie, I see what’s in front of me and can connect clues to a person’s personality a bit, but I can’t tell how a person is lying like Charlotte can. It makes a genius out of her, but it’s also her weakness because other people don’t like being dissected. There’s so much more to say, like the bond Watson and Holmes has. They are really like two peas in a pod; Charlotte teaches Jamie how to be more observant with his surroundings, and he in return gives Charlotte the friendship she’s never had. Their families have been bounded through time and I love how they stay that way. The plot was this big mystery and I found myself trying to figure out the killer like Watson and Holmes. I, too, had my suspicions about certain characters and I was glad for the suspense. I was able to put the book down a lot, so I’m saddened that I didn’t have a huge attachment to it, but when I was into the story I was gripping for more pages. Overall, it was a cute, funny, and intelligent read!

More: I really did love this book! Find out more about the author, Brittany Cavallaro here. This was a really long review, but I hoped you enjoyed it! For more Like this post below and Follow my blog. I’ll stay in touch, bye! 😀


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