City of Ashes


City of Ashes: Valentine Morgenstern is still out there. Clary Fray is trying to pick up the pieces of her old life and wants to forget everything that happened in the Shadow World. But she can’t get away from it. There are recent accounts of killings in the Downworld and Clary, Jace, Alec, Isabelle, and Simon link them all to Valentine. Currently, the only person with information about Valentine’s whereabouts seems to be Jace, and this lands him into some trouble with the Clave. Working together to solve this problem and others, the young Shadowhunters must be prepared for a battle they didn’t expect.

Review: Cassie Clare, you have a way with words! She brought me back into the vivid world of shadowhunting, I’ll never look at my world the same ever again. 🙂 My final reaction to the book was that I loved it! Especially, all the back-talk the characters do with each other, it’s always entertaining. However, the beginning was a bit boring; that was only because I haven’t read Cassie’s books in awhile so it took me a few chapters to get back in her stories. The first book is mostly from Clary’s perspective (while still being in 3rd person) whereas City of Ashes gives some more voice to Jace. The plot was like some of her other books, but still interesting to read. I sorta spoiled the whole series for me by reading her newer books before finishing the series, but I will continue to read them all! (I recently got City of Glass so I can’t wait!)

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