Fangirl: Cather Avery never gave up on the world that she’d help make. Make probably isn’t the right word… more like played with. Even when she’s 18 and in college, Cath hasn’t given up on Simon and Baz. It all started out as a small obsession that she shared with her twin sister, but now she’s alone in her own world because her sister, Wren, moved on but Cath certainly hasn’t yet. Her stories have become a big hit and she has her own fans, but nobody understands why she must keep writing— not her sister, nor her professor who thinks fanfiction is stealing, and neither does her roommate’s boyfriend who’s caught Cath’s eye. This world, The World of Mages, belongs to her and her alone; and she just can’t bring herself for it to finally be over.

Review: I always believe there is a part of me left behind in a story. We read like we breath; we read to escape; we read to lose ourselves; we want part of their world and we never want it to end. I know I never want books to end, it’s like losing your best friend after you’ve just discovered they existed. So seeing an end to Fangirl, was sorta ironic for me; I freaking love this book! It’s kinda hard to find that one book that gets how you feel and I love that Rainbow can write those sort of books that people like me can connect to. There was no straight plot, it was multiple things happening at once. Cath is introverted, and not as confident like her sister; but she doesn’t want to let go of that one thing that makes her life worth living. I feel like I resemble both Cath and Reagan; I have that weird outgoing personality (but I don’t slam doors) like Reagan, and I constantly live inside my head like Cath. There were also some real references to some real fandoms too, and I loved that. Overall, it’s freaking amazing!!

More: Visit here to see all of Rainbow Rowell’s own stories. They have Emergency Dance Party T-shirts? I want one! Haha. Well, click that Like or Follow button down there and I’ll catch up with y’all later. Bye! 😀

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      1. How good are all the spells in Carry On? I loved that they were hip sayings 😁 E&P is fantastic I loved it, the characters are so different than the usual ones you see in YA. Hope you enjoy it 😊


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