Shadow and Bone


Shadow and Bone: Alina Starkov has been orphaned at a young age. She and Mal have taken care of each other for a long time, but Alina knows that she’s different than everyone else around her. She soon realizes that she’s a Grisha of her own kind (Sun Summoner), and gets sent to the Little Palace for her new training. The Darkling has taken favor to Alina, and believes she’s the key into fixing the Fold. When she arrives, life at court is lonesome without Mal, and Alina learns to make a life of her own without him. But she soon learns that her power doesn’t only fix the Fold, but it can also expand it, creating a disastrous change in Ravka.

Review: Okay, this is a good book don’t get me wrong, but I think I may have enjoyed it under different circumstances. Or at least when I was in the mood to read it. I feel that if I read it a while back, I would’ve enjoyed it more; a lot of things were going on this week and it kinda ruined the atmosphere of the whole book for me. Plus, I looked into this book a year ago and spoiled it for myself, so everything that happened plot-wise didn’t surprise me at all. Alina was a great character, but she does some really dumb things in the end of the book and I got mad at her. But everything else (writing, plot) was fine, though the love aspect wasn’t that strong. I still had moments where the book really grew on me, so I did enjoy reading it, but not as much as I hoped I would. I still want to finish the series sometime though.

More: If you want more of Leigh Bardugo, click here. I do want to read more of her books sometime, I just have some other books to read first. If you liked this review than Like or Follow below, just use those little nubbins on your hands called fingers. I’ll swing by later, bye! 😀


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