The Raven King

The Raven King: Safe as Life. Gansey has always known this was the year he would die. Just like Blue knew she would kill her true love. Like how Ronan knew his connection to Cabeswater is different than the other dream thieves. Just like how Adam knew that he was a magician. But at the same time they know that nothing and everything is real. Magic is real. Also, a dark force that seems to be unmaking everything that they hold dear and Cabeswater itself, is real. Gansey’s search for the Raven King is coming to an end, and soon he himself will too. His seven years of research will finally be put to the test as he believes that waking up his king can right Cabeswater and Noah again.

Review: It was sad watching it end, I loved The Raven Cycle series so much. Everything Maggie Stiefvator wrote in her books has been a magical journey, and right now I am experiencing all the feels after reading such a great book. You know that feeling right? Yes, it is a very slow paced book, but it’s totally worth it! New ships are made, old-new friends leave, villains die, and people are reborn again. Gansey, Blue, Ronan, and Adam have all grown so much throughout the series and through each other, I enjoyed reading them change. Adam has changed the most; he was never loved at all and never had a true home, but here you’ll see him rethinking his pride and him becoming happy once again.The Gray Man!! The Gray Man changed too, I am pro Marua-Mr. Gray ship. “His heart grew three times that day.” -Mr. Grinch. Yes, I did just quote that. But give this book and the others a try, I loved every word!

More: If you want more Maggie Stiefvator then click here. Click/slap/hit/use the force/shoot (hehe Sherlock)/or smack that Like and Follow button. I have two more tags to post soon, I have been very lazy, sorry that they’re belated!! Hope you enjoyed this, bye!
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