Addicted To Everything Tag!

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Hallo everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m back with another original tag!! Yay! I can feel your enthusiasm, well not really, but I’m going to assume you’ll enjoy this tag anyway soooooooo… Let’s get started!

P.S. might want to read the Like If…

I make the rules bro:

ร— Mention creator and tagger in post

ร— List 5 things that you’re addicted to (books, movie franchises, etc.)

ร— Tag 3 people

My weird addictions:

1.ย BuzzFeed

Just everything BuzzFeed related. Quizzes, videos, news. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten the app by now,I am tempted though. The first thing I will look up online is always the latest BuzzFeed video. Then after I’ll Pinterest BuzzFeed stuff. I may have a slight problem.

2. Sherlock

sherlock benedict cumberbatch bbc sherlock bbc violin

I want Sherlock related things. I always look online for phone cases, figures, DVDs, Soundtracks, buttons, t-shirts, etc. I rewatch the episodes forever and its come to a point where I’m co-creating Sherlock fanficfion. I need help.

3.ย YouTube

Yikes! Okay, so I’m not totally enthralled in YouTubers as much but I am addicted to watching pointless videos online. I used to watch nothing but cat videos, then How To videos, now its all BuzzFeed and iisupoerwomanii and movie theories. Everything I watch is nothing very interesting, but that’s what the internet is, making humans watch odd videos at an end and wasting their time.

4.ย Buttons

I so want this button.

Okay I know what you’re thinking.ย Why buttons?ย Wel I have a very good explanation for you. So far I’m making it my life’s goal (I have many life goals BTW) to cover my mini backpack in fandom buttons. I go look around for some buttons that have like Cap’s shield or Pusheen on them and I collect them then put them on my backpack. My goal is to cover both straps in buttons. Recently I got this button that says “It’s levIOsa not levioSA.” That has to be my favorite Hermione quote!

5.ย Books!

sherlock benedict cumberbatch bbc sherlock the blind banker

I blog about them, what’s not obvious about that? I like browsing through Goodreads, iBooks, Kindle, Simon&Schuster, HarperTeen, Pinterest, Google etc. I mostly just like all the covers ๐Ÿ™‚ when I go through Pinterest. But I loom at all these book blogs, and sites, and author sites and see what’s good. I hoard them in my little box here and borrow from people. I like finishing a book even if I don’t like it, there are few cases where I cannot finish one whatsoever. I read the books, watch the movies, look at all the novellas that go with a series. I talk about books a lot, the first thing I say to someone else is, “Read any good books lately?” Then I make little calenders and memorize release dates and discuss books on my blog or in person. I try to finish multiple books in a week, and I don’t sleep or eat when I’m reading.

I understand that there are more hardcore book lovers than me out there, but I feel pretty accomplished with all my book goals.

That was the tag!

Here are your 3 lucky winners!

Louise @ GenieReads

Casey @ AdoptaBookAUS

Emma @ TheBookishUnderdog

Like this post if you’re a fan of Melanie Martinez, AURORA, or Zella Day!!ย (I’m listening to their music now, you should check them out ๐Ÿ˜ƒ)

Yay, that’s it for now! Bye!




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