The Raven Boys


The Raven Boys: Blue Sargent’s world of magic and weird futures is completely normal to her. With a psychic mother and all, Blue knows that she will kiss her true love and he will die. Not very encouraging to make her stay away from these raven boys. Adam, Gansey, Noah and Ronan are all in search for what they most desire, and that is finding out how to activate the ley line. Blue, going against everything she was ever told to stay away from them, wants to help the boys with their missing of awakening a lost king. However, in order for anything to work they need to make a sacrifice, and it’s not helping that someone else wants to find the king before these teens can.

Review: Lookie here, another new favorite! I really loved this book, it’s dark and insightful and has funny banter between the characters. This book reminds me so much of what Cassandra Clare portrays in her shadowhunter books, which is also why I love this book so much. Maggie does a nice job with surprises in this book (I usually read the last page of a book before I read it to spoil it, but I didn’t with this one and every page captivated me) and carried the plot incredibly! The book isn’t entirely Blue’s story, it has everyone’s perspective in it and their own stories and I loved reading each one! This is a really great read, and I recommend it to all you paranormal fans out there!

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